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human design human design projector human design self-projected projectors Nov 09, 2020

If you’re a Self-Projected Projector, then this is the ULTIMATE BLOG for YOU that will teach you the foundation of how you operate. Whether you just found out you’re a Human Design Projector with a Self-Projected Authority or you’ve known this for years, this blog is going to go through the ins and outs of being a Self-Projected Projector.


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This blog will cover:

  • Self-Projected Projectors 
  • What is Human Design?
  • What is a Human Design Projector?
  • The 2 centers that construct the Self-Projected Authority
  • The mechanics of how the Self-Projected Authority operates
  • The Self-Projected channels
  • A famous Self-Projected Projector
  • 4 strategies to decondition the Self-Projected Authority
  • And more! 


But before we take a deep dive into the mechanics of your authority, let’s explore for a little bit what Human Design is and what it means to be a Projector type within this beautiful system. 


What is a Projector?


Walk into a room and on average one in every five people will be a Projector (20% of the population). Projectors are here to GUIDE energy. We are here to be wise about how to do things. We’re not the rarest Type within Human Design, but we’re susceptible to being the most conditioned.


What does it mean to be conditioned? It means to live in a way that isn’t authentic to you. As children, we are sensitive and are easily susceptible to take on what our upbringing environment was like. So you can be conditioned to act, think, and feel in a way that isn’t really you. What happens is that you grow up using your mind to make decisions instead of letting your body’s intelligence (strategy and inner authority) to do the decision making for you. Now you have to peel the layers off so you can discover your unique nature.


We live in a world where it’s normal to work 40 hours a week and to only get two weeks of vacation on average every year. On top of that, we’re told, “just do it.” Working for extended periods of time is suitable for Generators and initiating is what Manifestors are here to do. So as you can see, Projectors are conditioned to believe that they have the energy and initiative mechanisms to work like everyone else.


Not the case.


Projectors are the newest Types out of the four that emerged after 1781. And until now, until the advent of the Human Design System, Projectors didn’t know that they’re unique beings that operate differently than mostly everyone else. Now, we can clearly see that the world is operating at a different rhythm than that of a Projector’s. 


To illustrate this example, via a metaphor, imagine that you (a Projector) have been running a marathon all of your life. You’ve been running a marathon, just because everyone else has been running it. Only to find out that your body doesn’t function properly in marathons. 


You discover that your body thrives in practicing yoga because your body was designed to flourish in moving itself in those ways. That’s how life is for Projectors: you’ve been operating in a way that wasn’t designed for you (running a marathon) and need to adjust your way of being (practice yoga) in order to live a life of success, fulfillment, and well-being.


This example is just a metaphor to illustrate the differences that we have with the rest of the world.


We need to first know what our uniqueness is as Projectors, then accept this deeply, and then embody these differences. If you can do this, then you can truly live a fulfilling and successful life. This is what The Projector Movement is here for: to support you DEEPLY in your journey back ‘home’, to your truth, to your core, to your uniqueness, and when you discover this and live from this place, life begins to flow in the most magical of ways.


Now that we know a little bit more about what Human Design is and what a Projector is, let’s get into today’s topic. I’m really excited to share about the Self-Projected Authority because it’s the second part of the formula of success for Projectors. There is a simple, but not always an easy-to-honor formula to follow, if we Projectors want to create success in our life. That formula is: the Projector strategy (recognition + invitation) + inner authority = success. So, after getting recognized and invited, we then check-in with our specific authority to truly know whether that opportunity is correct for us or not.


If there’s one thing we want you to take from Human Design, it’s this formula. By honoring this decision-making process, we start to align ourselves to our unique essence and begin to blossom into the person we were born to become.

Self-Projected Projectors


“You’re here to TRUST your

- Ra Uru Hu


If you are a Self-Projected Projector (SPP) then this blog is for YOU. Let’s begin by explaining a little about SPP’s. 


You are here to speak your truth, to speak your identity, and to listen to your own voice in communication. This life time for you is a lot about self-expression! 

The cleaner the channel you can create from your truth to your voice, the more successful, recognized, and fulfilled you will be as an SPP. 


Communication is SO important for you. Your decision-making process originates from your G Center which we will go into more later in the blog but for now, you need to know that your truth and identity speaks through your voice, so you need to listen to it. 


A shadow aspect for SPP’s to watch out for is via the act of lying, withholding or not speaking the truth. This ultimately confuses you from within and takes you away from your dharma (life path). 


The 2 Centers That Construct
The Self-Projected Authority


The G Center


The G Center, also known as the Identity Center, is an extraordinary center within the BodyGraph. It represents our love, direction, and identity. This is where our Magnetic Monopole resides or “the driver of our vehicle.” The G is like our internal GPS.


The Magnetic Monopole is like a magnet that attracts all people, places, and events. It is what’s responsible for creating the illusion that we are separate. You know the spiritual quote, “We are all one?” This is true, but the Magnetic Monopole is what allows life to have duality. It isn’t a bad thing to have duality, we need it because, in order for us to understand what love is in this three-dimensional human life, we need to know what hate is as well. In order for us to know what light is, we need to know what dark is. But in the grand scheme, without this illusion, without this Magnetic Monopole, we are all one.


Every center is correlated with a biological aspect within us and the G Center is correlated with the liver. In Indo-European traditions, they viewed the liver as where reincarnation takes place and this aligns with Human Design because the G Center is where the Magnetic Monopole sits and it is responsible for our incarnation process.


Since being a Self-Projected Projector (SPP) means you have a defined G Center, this means you have a fixed way to your identity, your love, and your direction. This is not to say you won’t have challenges with the three functions of the G Center, but if you have deconditioned and are an embodied SPP, then you will know who you are, will have self-love, and know where you are going in life.


Having a fixed identity (defined G Center) means that you know who you are. It can be challenging to try to fit in with others because it isn’t as easy for you to mold your personality to fit the frequency of a particular group. The best way to describe having a fixed identity is that it can be harder for us to be actors where you have to portray different identities. On the contrary, undefined G Centers are like chameleons that can play different roles because they are designed to be a mirror for the identity of others.


 The G Center is also where the four gates of LOVE reside:

  • Gate 15 - The Gate of Extremes:
    • Love of Humanity or not
    • Different rhythms and extremes
    • By understanding and accepting the extremes in your world (e.g., being nocturnal), you can embrace the diverse rhythms of other people 


  • Gate 10 - The Gate of the Behavior of the Self:
    • Love of the Self or not
    • The love of being oneself
    • By living authentically and loving yourself, you help empower others to do the same


  • Gate 25 - The Gate of the Spirit of Self:
    • Universal love or not
    • Retain innocence despite circumstances
    • You have a sweet, loving energy and have the potential to love life and everything in it equally, and to empower others to do the same


  • Gate 46 - The Gate of Determination:
    • Love of the body or not
    • Determination to follow through
    • Focused on the physical embodiment of love
    • Your success depends on the determination of your higher self

Challenges get presented to us when we try to search for love outside of ourselves. Regardless of what gate you have defined, adhering to your Strategy and Authority will bring the perfect people and love to you.


The G Center also contains the four gates of DIRECTION:

  • Gate 1 - The Gate of Self Expression:
    • Our place in the now
    • The capacity for creativity
    • By living authentically, you empower others to be themselves
    • This gate ideally knows what to contribute at the right time


  • Gate 13 - The Gate of the Listener:
    • Direction looking back
    • Hearing other people’s secrets
    • From all your experiences and from the stories people have told you, you can guide people to not repeat the same mistakes


  • Gate 7 - The Gate of the Role of the Self:
    • Direction looking forward
    • The authoritarian
    • There is an orientation toward the future where you have “an ability to see when society’s present direction needs correcting to get there”


  • Gate 2 - The Gate of the Direction of the Self:
    • Direction
    • The director/the driver
    • By aligning correctly to your own direction, you empower others to find their own sense of direction


If operating correctly, you know the direction you’re heading towards as a defined G Center.  If you want to continue exploring the gates of the G Center, we have a section that dives deeper into them within “The Ultimate Projector Guide” course. Click here to learn more.


Ok, now this is Andre speaking. I’m the Creative and General Director of The Projector Movement and I’m also a Self-Projected Projector, so I thought it would be a great idea to share some personal examples throughout this blog for all my fellow SPPs out there. If you want to hear more about my journey then you can click this video link


I can speak on having direction as a defined G Center because I knew where I wanted to go, in terms of what I wanted to do for a living when I was a teenager. Ever since I was in high school, I knew that the traditional way of working the “normal” 9-5 corporate job wasn’t going to be for me. I had heard people talk about how you have to enjoy your college years because afterward life just goes downhill from there. This didn’t make sense to me. Well, it does if you go to work at a monotonous job that sucks the soul out of you. But I knew I didn’t want that. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do or how I was going to get there, but I knew the feeling I wanted to have. And that feeling was fulfillment and love for the labor of my work.


Not knowing how I was going to get there, I decided that I was going to start by going to college and see what I could discover there. While attending UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) I got a glimpse of what was possible for me by being a part of a mindfulness program led by the psychology department which is where my spirituality began to blossom. I didn't know how I could incorporate this into my career, so I continued with my major in Geography.


Shortly after graduating, I got what I thought was going to be my career which was to work at Apple Inc. Four months into it, I knew I didn’t want to do this for the rest of my life, but I stuck with it for another year because I didn’t know what else to do. Until finally, I pulled the trigger and ventured into entrepreneurship.


My friend invited me to attend a webinar where they would teach you how to build an online business. After talking it out with a friend (Self-Projected Authority), I said yes. I wanted to be able to have my own business where I could work remotely and soon after I started learning how to do graphic design.


This is an interesting aspect to mention because my conscious Sun activated gate 44. Gate 44 is The Gate of Alertness (Coming to Meet) and its energy is about making things look good and it enhances the finished product or offering. It is said that people with Gate 44 make great graphic designers and marketers--which is what I’m doing for The Projector Movement!


The reason why I wanted to bring this up is to point out that we are born with inherited gifts and skills. If we listen to life, by honoring our Strategy and Authority, life will align us with who we were born to become. I didn’t learn graphic design and marketing until I was 27, but life eventually drew those skills out of me because I started listening to the invitations (which is vital as a Projector).


Even though I enjoyed graphic design, it still felt like something was missing. I soon discovered the personal development world and felt called to be a coach. Combining both coaching and graphic design was definitely getting me closer to where I wanted to be, but the feeling of true fulfillment wasn't there yet.


Around this time was when I was going through my Saturn’s Return. For those that don't know what Saturn’s Return is, it’s when the planet Saturn returns to the same position in the sky when you were born. It is a time of great challenge and it is there to help you grow. It is likened to being the astrological rite of passage into adulthood. Almost like another opportunity to rebirth yourself into this world in more alignment than your first 27-30 years. 


My Saturn Return really helped me slow down and adjust to my Projector rhythm. I was listening to what most business experts were saying about how to run a business, but it didn’t feel right. The reason why I was feeling off was that most business strategies taught from a place of “just do it”, which is more aligned for Manifestors as well as “work long and hard”, which is more aligned for Generators. Trying to implement these strategies felt forceful and didn't sit well with me.


When I finally honored my Saturn Return in Capricorn by finding integrity within myself and becoming a master of solitude, I started to gain clarity. I started studying Astrology and Human Design much deeper to learn about who I am and understand the patterns in my life. I then implemented a manifestation strategy that I talk about a little later in this blog, to really get clear as to what I wanted to do for a career. Two days later, Charlie sent out the invite that he was looking for someone to join The Projector Movement.


We met up for lunch to connect and see what our intentions were. Charlie being a Splenic Projector knew right away he wanted to give me a shot and see what I could do. I talked to my friend about this opportunity and it was a resounding yes. It was exactly what I wanted to do. I would be getting paid to be myself and implement the skills I had learned throughout my entrepreneurial journey.


Fast forward 9 months, and I have what I was searching for--a feeling of true fulfillment for my labor of work within The Projector Movement. This happened because I had the courage to say no to things that were no longer in alignment and at the same time listen to invitations that came across my path.


No matter how challenging my entrepreneur journey was, I knew I never wanted to go back to a corporate job. There were times where I wanted to quit, but my G Center knew that I had to continue on its path until I found an aligned career.


If there’s one piece of advice I can offer, from personal experience, that could make your journey less resistant, is to follow your Strategy and Authority. I am where I want to be, this is true, but looking back there were many times where my experience could’ve been less stressful if I would’ve listened to my body’s intelligence.

The Throat Center


Like Rome, all roads lead to the Throat Center. If you take a look at the image above, you can see it is the one center that is connected to most centers---six in total. The Throat’s main function is communication through speech. Biologically, the Throat Center is correlated with the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands.


The Throat Center is responsible for manifestation. It is only when it’s connected to a motor center (Solar Plexus, Root, Ego, or Sacral) that the Throat can manifest immediately. This configuration (the Throat being connected to a motor) is what creates a Manifestor. Just because the other three types (Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors) don’t have this configuration doesn’t mean they can’t manifest, it just has to happen in a different and slower way.


Projectors need to be tuned in to the right timing to manifest. We can hold our manifestations and desires within and then allow life to show us the right time for those desires to manifest, or maybe there is an even greater invitation or manifestation that wants to come through, if we allow it. ⁣

If you want to manifest things from your MIND right now, then yes, that’s probably not a good thing anyway and we can thank ourselves for being Projectors because most likely it will be met with resistance, for good reason. ⁣

We want to manifest things deep from our CORE, deep from our truth and have it be in flow with the overall rhythms of life, and in order to do this, we need to listen to the patterns, rhythms, and invitations that show up both formal and informal, both obvious and subtle.


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Having a defined Throat means that we have a fixed way of speaking. Any center connected to the Throat will have a voice. Because SPP’s have their G Center connected to the Throat, what SPP’s speak is their truth. This also can make SSP’s feel sensitive to whatever they put out into the world because it's coming straight for who they are.


The Not-Self Throat will either speak too soon or won’t speak at all. Just like with any aspect of Human Design, following your Strategy and Authority will present the right timing for your words and actions to align correctly. 

How Does The Self-Projected Authority Operate?


If you have your G Center connected to your Throat Center and don’t have your Sacral or any of the motor centers connected to the Throat, then you’re Projector with a Self-Projected Authority. This inner authority pertains to only Projectors--so it’s a unique one! 


Here’s an overview of the percentages of the authorities people have:


Solar Plexus - 51.01%

Sacral - 32.6%

Splenic - 9.03%

Ego Manifested - 0.95%

Ego Projected - 0.45%

Self Projected - 2.58%

None (Lunar + Environmental) - 3.38%


As you can see, SPP’s only make up 2.58% of the population. And as having a Self-Projected Authority within the Projector group (who make up 20% of the population), we only amount to about 13% of all Projectors. So not a lot of us out there.


The way we Projectors operate correctly in life (how we navigate life) is that we have to be recognized and invited, then what we need to do next, in order to truly know if the invitation is correct for us, is to check in with our inner authority. For SPPs, we have to hear our voice--our truth---about the invitation.


SPPs are here to operate for self-satisfaction and to make decisions that will bring them happiness. Therefore, as an SPP, after you’ve been recognized and invited, and have heard your voice to listen to whether there is excitement in the frequency you're emitting, or not, you will know if this invitation is correct for you. If there is excitement within your voice, then this is a signpost that the invitation is correct for you. 


If you can, it’s always important, especially for those bigger invitations, to talk it out with a trusted advisor. For the smaller invitations, you can talk it out with yourself, but if you have someone you trust where you can voice how you feel about the invitations, then that is ideal. If you choose to voice it out with yourself, you can simply speak out loud and hear yourself and the frequency in your voice OR you can journal and put it down on paper. If you choose to journal it’s still a good idea to speak aloud because this is how your G-Center is heard… through your VOICE.


Something very important I want to note when speaking with a trusted advisor is that they’re not there to give you advice, they're there to listen to you. As an SPP, you have a very powerful IDENTITY that SPEAKS, you know who you are, so when you’re speaking, that’s your truth. The G is a powerful center, so all you need is someone who knows how to listen and help guide the conversation. It’s best to set the foundation when contacting a friend to hold space for you.


After being invited, message a friend or family member--whoever you know that is emotionally intelligent and ask them if they can do you a favor. Explain to them that you’re reaching out because you know that you trust them and need someone who is a great listener that will be present as you talk out an invitation. Let them know that in order for you to know if this important opportunity is correct for you or not, you need to talk it out with someone you trust.


They’re also not there to be completely silent. You can ask them if they can help guide the conversation by asking questions while at the same time listening. Lastly, inform them that you’re not going to be asking for their advice, you just want someone who has a mindful awareness that can be there to help guide your process.


The type of person who will be your sounding board and setting the framework for your decision-making process is crucial for figuring out if an invitation is correct for you or not. You don’t want someone who doesn’t have a high EQ (emotional intelligence) because they can bring their own conditioning into the mix. You also want to set the stage because they may not know about how your inner authority works. By following these steps, you’ll be able to set the proper container to hear your truth (from the G Center) in your voice (Throat Center).


Now, I also said that you can talk out the invitation by yourself. For whatever reason, if you can’t get a trusted advisor, then you can voice your process on your own. If you’re going to do this, try going out in nature where you can be in your own aura.


Whether you’re walking in the forest or you're sitting on the beach, one way to process your decisions is by recording yourself using a voice-recorder app on your phone. Before you start voicing your truth, set an intention. Let the universe, source, God, etc. know that you want to be present in the moment as you process whether the opportunity you’re being invited to is correct for you or not.


Some great questions to ask as you’re guiding yourself are:


  • Will this make me happy?
  • Will this fulfill me?
  • Will this give me self expression?
  • Am I heading in the right direction?



As an SPP, you’re designed to be guided by experiences that will make you feel like yourself and bring you joy. When speaking, you will know what’s true by noticing the words you’re saying and the tone of your voice.


Having a Self-Projected Authority means that you have to LISTEN to what you SAY. It’s not about trying to figure out what you’re going to say. As Ra puts it, “You’re here to TRUST your SPONTANEOUS UTTERANCES.” With that being said, it might not be easy to trust your voice because of conditioning.


Since we didn’t grow up knowing that we have a powerful voice of identity and that trusting that voice will help us avoid bitterness, we have to learn to trust what we say. As SPP’s, our deconditioning will look like us becoming aware of what we say spontaneously in response to invitations. 


When embarking on your Human Design experiment, all that is required from you is courage and discipline. Courage to trust what you say even if it surprises you. Discipline to get a trusted advisor to talk out your invitation and to let your powerful identity speak. Don’t filter what you’re saying, just let your G-Center flow.


If we listen and abide by what our voice tells us, our lives will be transformed and we will begin to operate correctly according to our design where we’ll be able to fulfill the inherent potential within us.

Self-Projected Channels 


There are four channels that make up the Self-Projected Authority. This is not to say that if you’re an SPP,  that you can’t have other channels defined. There are SPP’s that have, for example, channels that connect the Head to the Ajna and/or the Ajna to the Throat. Today, however, we’re just going to get into the channels that generate the Self-Projected Authority. Why? Because if you are an SPP then you 100% have one of these channels from the G-Center to the Throat Center. 

 Example of a Self-Projected Projector's BodyGraph

Something to be aware of with any of these four channels is that when you have the G Center connected to the Throat Center, you are speaking, expressing, manifesting, creating straight from your identity--the seat of your soul--so you can be sensitive about what you put out, so much so, that it can prevent you from putting yourself, your work, or your creations out there because you are afraid of judgment. The thing to realize is no matter who you are, you will get criticized.


As an SPP, part of your deconditioning will be to process people’s judgment of you and/or what you put out into the world. No matter what people say about you, please understand that you are worthy of being who you are and pursuing what you desire. Adhering to your Strategy and Authority will empower you to know that if people say no to you, that just means there are better opportunities waiting for you around the corner.


So I’ll say this again, you are here to speak your truth, to speak your soul's truth, yet you can also have a hypersensitivity to what you say and how it’s received because of the direct channel from your truth and your soul's truth to your voice. Be kind to yourself, be gentle to yourself, trust yourself, and slowly, slowly begin to speak your truth more and more, no matter what others think. 


The Channel of Inspiration: 1 - 8

Gate 1: The Creative - The Gate of Self-Expression

Gate 8: Holding Together - The Gate of Contribution


Personally, (Andre speaking here), I really like this channel, even though I don't have it, I like the energy it exudes. This is the channel of the creative role model and of an artist of life.


If you have this channel, there is strong energy propelling you to express yourself, and in your self-expression, you empower others to be themselves. You do this by living your life as an individual and by being an artist of life. Make living an art form!


Following your excitement is important for you. Don’t let the judgement of others deter you from doing what you feel called to do. Also, don’t do things because you want to impress others. This is why it’s important for you to decondition--to shed the layers that are holding you back--so you can be your true authentic self.


There is a deep desire in you to make a difference in the world. And with the 1-8 Channel, how you can contribute to humanity is by following your passions and staying true to yourself because this act of being yourself, as simple as it sounds, it’s not always easy to do due to the conditioning we grew up with.


As Projectors, we best guide by example; we don’t guide by imposing our beliefs onto others. As an SPP, with The Channel of Inspiration, you can create such a positive impact on people’s lives just by being yourself. So much so, that you can shift people’s perspectives into new ways of being--a truly powerful and transformational act.


The key to your channel is to be yourself, and in doing so, you act as a role model to help others to be themselves as well.

The Channel of the Alpha: 7 - 31

Gate 7: The Army - The Role of the Self in Interaction

Gate 31: Influence - The Gate of Influence


This is a channel that I can speak from personal experience because it’s one of two channels that I have in my chart. Before I share how this channel has played out in my life, let me explain what this energy embodies.


The Channel of the Alpha is a frequency that is designed to lead. This leadership, however, is not one that says, “I’m the leader, listen to what I have to say,” that’s how the world used to operate before 1781, when Manifestors were the leaders, but that type of leadership is slowly fading out. Now that Projectors are starting to move towards more positions of power, the leadership that Projectors embody is one of guidance. One of those ways is through influence, and if you have The Channel of the Alpha, you will influence groups of people when you have been recognized by them because they feel that you have their best interest at heart.


A great representation of how beautiful this channel can be expressed was seen in Nelson Mandela. He fought for the freedom of black people in South Africa. Mandela worked strenuously to end apartheid (a system of legislation that upheld segregationist policies against non-white citizens of South Africa) all his life. He was sentenced to life in prison for charges of trying to overthrow the white-led government, but instead of being forgotten in prison, he became a symbol to end apartheid.


After 27 years locked up in prison, the South African government released Mandela and a few years after being released from prison, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to end apartheid. If that wasn’t inspiring enough, in 1994, for the first time in over 300 years, blacks in South Africa had the opportunity to vote for their president, and in a winning landslide, elected Nelson Mandela as their leader.


People who have The Channel of the Alpha defined have the potential to be leaders in their respective fields. This doesn’t have to be leading huge groups like leading the entire country of South Africa like Nelson did, but this channel is one who has to be recognized in order for them to be a leader.


I want to now share my personal experience with this channel because it's related to what I'm doing now. The 7-31 channel for me is unconscious (both gates are red). So for me, I never considered or had the drive to be a leader. Quite the contrary, I didn’t want to be a leader because I didn’t want to be in the limelight and have more responsibilities.


When I was learning about Human Design I would talk to my friends about my chart and theirs. I didn’t have a good grasp on The Channel of the Alpha because I didn’t see myself as a leader (now I know it’s because it’s unconscious), but when I told my friends about this channel I had, they actually shared something that I didn’t see myself. My friends told me that I actually lead them by being the one who invites them into doing group events.


For example, my friends and I love going to music festivals and concerts. Whenever I see an event that I want to go to, I send them the invite. If we decide to go, I lead them by getting them all together and by being the one in charge by deciding where to stay, what artists to see, etc.


Another example is the leadership responsibilities Charlie has given me for The Projector Movement. Charlie and I started working together by exchanging services: he was coaching me and I rebranded the company. Little by little, Charlie began giving me more responsibilities. I started to be in charge of the social media accounts, redesigned the website, and then we started to implement some of the ideas I had for the company, like starting a blog. Now, we’re in the process of writing ‘The Projector Manual’, which is an ebook that is going to profoundly guide Projectors into their success.


Because I have proven that I have the best interest of The Projector Movement, Charlie has given me the opportunity to be a leader within the company. This is interesting because The Channel of the Alpha is described as being “the power behind the throne” which is who I am within The Projector Movement.


The key to this channel is to not force leadership, but rather prove to the people that you will best represent them and they will elect you as their leader.

The Channel of Awakening: 10 - 20

Gate 10: Treading - The Gate of the Behavior of the Self

Gate 20: Contemplation - The Gate of the Now


If you are an SPP with The Channel of Awakening, you have a deep energy of spiritual awareness, empowerment, and self-love. You can be a guide for others, specifically for these three powerful aspects of life, BUT only when there is an invitation, receptiveness or opening to share. When you are invited to share your profound wisdom, you can truly empower others. If you speak when not invited, you’ll be ignored and/or seen as being critical.


The reason you can be seen as being overly critical is that you have a powerful voice. This is true of an SPP because when you speak (Throat) it is coming directly from the core of your identity (G Center). Also, the Projector aura naturally penetrates into the other’s aura and this can be sensed as intense and even intrusive when you haven’t been recognized. Plus, you add the energy of the 10-20 Channel, what you get is an SPP with a sharp tongue. So be mindful of the words you choose, and when you choose to speak... because you have quite the energy.


You are someone who recognizes that self-acceptance is needed to have a true awakening, which means shedding the layers that are holding you back from becoming your most authentic self. The Channel of Awakening understands that to be awake means to make decisions as yourself and to live by them. It knows that being awake is to love yourself no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.


This quote by Ra Uru Hu best encapsulates this channel, “To be awake is really mundane. It’s what we’re supposed to be. It’s not some high exalted state that we have to suffer to get to. That’s nonsense. We just haven’t had the education until now. It’s easy to be awake. Live out your Type, Strategy, and Authority for seven years and you’ll be as awake as Buddha.”


Similar to The Channel of Inspiration (1-8), The Channel of Awakening (10-20) also inspires and influences others to be themselves simply by living authentically. Awaken yourself to self-love and cultivate trust within and you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your potential.

The Channel of The Prodigal: 13 - 33

Gate 13: The Fellowship of Man - The Gate of The Listener

Gate 33: Retreat - The Gate of Privacy


This is quite an interesting channel. I mean, all of the channels are interesting, but this one I enjoy because after finding out that I had this channel, I read its description and it deeply resonated with me. The Prodigal, in Human Design, represents someone who desires to explore what life has to offer and experience it first-hand. It also is the design of a witness.


People feel safe to share with you their stories and secrets. Ever since junior high, I’ve had close friendships with girls/women and we would talk for hours. These were platonic friendships by the way. Be it the combination of having a lot of Scorpio in my natal chart, being raised by mostly women, and being a Projector with the 13-33 channel, women always felt safe and shared their stories with me.


If you’re an SPP with this channel, people will share valuable information with you and you will store it in your psyche, where you will retreat into your own privacy, and contemplate on the information to be able to learn from the past. You have the potential to collect so many lessons from people because the archetype of the Prodigal represents someone who goes out into the world to gain experience. When one travels, you get to connect with an array of different characters which will present you with the opportunities for people to share their unique perspectives.


The key to The Channel of The Prodigal is to share your wisdom at the right time. You don’t want to reveal secrets to people who shouldn’t know other people’s baggage. You also don’t want to be so private that no one will get to hear what you have learned from hearing people’s stories. Adhering to your Strategy and Authority will present you with the right people and the right opportunities for you to share with them what hasn’t worked in the past.


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Famous Self-Projected Projector 

Very few people have been awarded an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony. One of those people just so happen to be a Self-Projected Projector who goes by the name of Barbra Streisand. Barbra is also the highest-selling female recording artist of all time -- quite the feat I’d say!



Streisand was a shy child and even to this day, she’s still bashful, but she owns it. Growing up, she had no support from her mother to pursue a career in entertainment, but regardless of the lack of support she still had the capacity to go for her dreams.


Before graduating high school, she was studying acting on the side--a very important aspect to point out for Projectors. The key for a Projector to find success in life is to have mastery of a system, so studying is essential. We Projectors need to get to know our passions and study them. While working office jobs, she was taking acting lessons and Barbra was encouraged to enter a talent show at a club--an invitation!!! She listened to herself and took that invitation; that evening was a resounding success. Barbra soon embarked on her journey in show business.


Over her career, she’s mastered nearly every entertainment medium available and won numerous awards for them. Some people refer to her as the queen of entertainment. Although she has been extremely successful, she describes her childhood as painful. A trait that a lot of Projectors have in common. Projectors tend to have a tough and challenging upbringing because we are misunderstood. Life presents us with these hurdles for us to learn and grow. It is when we can see them as opportunities rather than burdens, that we can recognize our challenges as signposts for us to know if we are heading in the right direction.


The Projector rhythm -- our way of living -- is rather feminine. Compared to Manifestors who can do what they want to do or Generators who can work for long hours, Projectors are more receptive. We have to wait to be recognized and invited by life. We have to pause and slow down throughout each and every day. We can’t just ‘go’ all the time. We have to be mindful of our energy levels. The way we know if we are on the right track is if we feel we are flowing with life. An obvious signpost to look out for, which signals to us Projectors that we are out of alignment and acting from our no-self, is an energy of forcing things. When there is no flow, this is often a clear sign that we need to take a pause and slow things down, and truly listen to life. 

 Barbra Streisand's BodyGraph

She doesn’t have a lot of energy because she doesn’t have any of the 4 motor centers (root, sacral, heart, solar plexus) defined. But if she’s recognized for her ability, for her talent, then she’s invited. And when those invitations came, she took them, which propelled her career and her success.


As we’ve mentioned before, SPPs can be sensitive to what they create because what they put out in the world is coming straight from their identity. Barbra is a beautiful example of an SPP who is rather sensitive, but still amounted to so much! Just check out how shy she gets when Ellen Degeneres starts complimenting her
(by clicking here). 


If you’re interested in knowing a huge characteristic about yourself, then check out what gate your conscious Sun (the mind side/black planets) activates. The planets on the right side of your chart represent the same planets that are seen when you pull up your natal (Astrology) chart. So the conscious Sun represents what is known as your Sun “sign.” For Barbra Streisand, it’s Gate 27.


Gate 27 is known as The Gate of Caring and boy can you sense it when you see her in interviews. The energy this gate carries is one of altruism and caring for the less fortunate. The website “Look to the Stars” writes, 


“Barbara Streisand donated nearly $16 million from her 2007 concert tour to education, the environment, women’s health, and other civic concerns. Her Streisand Foundation gives grants to national organizations working on preservation of the environment, voter education, the protection of civil liberties and civil rights, women’s issues and nuclear disarmament and has given large donations to programs related to women’s health.”


How beautiful is that? It’s so fascinating to check out famous people’s charts because we get to look at how they have lived out their life and see it reflected within their bodygraph/design. 


With her 2/4 Profile (Hermit / Opportunist), she’s here to share her innate talents when called upon. Barbra Streisand is a gracious human whose career has spanned over six decades! Even though she might not know she’s a Projector, she clearly has listened to her Strategy and Authority and her success has followed.

4 Ways To Deconditioning Your G-Center (Self-Projected Authority)


As Projectors, we navigate life at a slower pace than that of Manifestors or Generators. Meaning, our strategy (being recognized and invited) doesn’t happen that often, however, what we do have at our disposal at any given time is our inner authority. Here are four strategies to strengthen your Self-Projected Authority.


1. Talk Out Invitations With Yourself

A great way to strengthen the relationship to your inner authority is by talking out situations that you’re interested in doing by yourself.


For example, let’s say you’re hungry and are debating whether you want to eat out or not. This is an opportunity to exercise your Authority. Ask yourself, “What am I craving? I already have that food at home though? Do I want to spend my money on extra food now? But I worked hard this week, don't I deserve to treat myself?” Asking yourself questions will bring out the truth and is a great practice to hone in on your decision-making process.


2. Speak Your Truth

Since the Self-Projected Authority is composed of the centers, G and Throat, being connected, how you can strengthen your authority is by speaking (Throat) your truth (G). 


How do you speak your truth? Well, another way to say “speak your truth” is to “set your boundaries.”


If you’ve decided to embark on your Human Design journey and/or are new to personal development, then you’re probably starting to become more conscious of the people around you. You may begin to notice that some people are a bad influence in your life. If this is the case, if you’re realizing someone in your life is dragging you down, then this is an opportunity to set your boundaries. Maybe not totally cut them out straight away but slowly start voicing your wants and needs (boundaries) and see how that goes. 


Now, depending on the relationship you have with this person and on the severity of their negative influence, will determine what you speak to this person. It could sound something along the lines of, “Hey [insert name], I’m embarking on a new journey of personal development and I’m going to be focusing on spending more time alone, I just wanted to let you know in case you were wondering what I was up to.”


Or, if it’s a bit more extreme, then it can sound like, “Hey [insert name], I’m beginning to realize that our relationship was founded on [insert negative influence (drugs, alcohol, etc.)] and I’m deciding to make changes so I can improve my life and one of those is focusing more time by myself. That means that I’m not going to hang out with you or talk to you any longer. If I feel that I need to speak to you, then I will reach out, but please respect my new path to self-improvement by not contacting me. I wish you the best.”


If you’re a total badass already and have healthy boundaries, another great way to speak your truth is to tell someone how much they mean to you. This can look like opening up to one of your parents. Even if your parents weren’t the best, by thanking them for everything that they have done, is a beautiful offering of love.


Of course, these are just example prompts, but you get the point. Setting up boundaries is not easy, especially if you haven’t exercised your authority, but with time you’ll have no problem saying ‘no’ to people, experiences, or invitations. Speaking your truth will bring up some fears, but choose to be courageous when you know someone isn’t healthy for you any longer. Within the Deconditioning training we have at the Projector Movement, boundaries are a big part of the journey so if you’re wanting to strengthen this part of your life then check out the transformation journey here

3. Exercise Your Courage Muscle 

What is courage? 


We live in a world that fear is a part of. Fear is contraction, protection, defense, projection. The mind creates fear in both the mind and the body. 


Courage is allowing yourself to feel the fear and yet choosing to move through it anyway, not letting the fear hold you back. Courage is a muscle that needs to get exercised to get stronger, just like our actual muscles. This is why doing something that scares you, which involves talking, is a great way to strengthen your authority.


What can this look like? I’ll share an exercise that I decided to do when I was in my first coaching program. Because I had fears of being seen and afraid of being on camera, my coach offered me an opportunity to exercise my courage muscle by going live on my Facebook page and sharing what the meaning of life was to me. It was nerve-wracking because I had never gone live before, but I decided that if I wanted to be a coach I had to get over my fear of public speaking.


As an SPP, now looking back at it, that was an important exercise to improve my Authority because I got to voice my truth where my family and friends got to hear a perspective that I’ve never shared with them before. This is a great invitation to exercise your courage muscle -- your Self-Projected Authority -- but only do so if it is true for you. If you’re in our Facebook group (a closed group for Projector who have taken one of our programs), and know that this invitation is true for you, then please go live within our Projector online home and exercise your courage muscle!


This exercise is great for entrepreneurs who are fearful of being seen, but even if you’re not in the business of putting yourself out there, this is an example of what you can do to be courageous and voice your truth. If going live isn’t your jam, then setting boundaries is also exercising your courage muscle. Like I was saying before, letting someone know that you’re going to be spending less time talking to them, is fearful, it brings up all types of emotions within them and within you as well.


I love setting boundaries. Especially because I know it was a key part of my manifestation process. If you want to manifest something in your life, you have to know deep down that you’re worthy of receiving it. Not just saying you’re worthy on a conscious level, but subconsciously your body needs to know that it is worthy of manifesting whatever it is you’re trying to call in. And setting boundaries is a practice that increases your self-worth.


When you let someone know that they can’t speak down on you or you’re going to step away from the relationship is a courageous act that lets your body know just how worthy and powerful you are. Furthermore, setting boundaries is not just about others, but more importantly, it’s about setting boundaries with yourself. If you say you want to build a business while you’re working for someone else, but on your off time you’re spending it going out with your friends, that’s not having healthy boundaries for yourself. If you say you want to call in a partner, but you keep giving chances to people that display red flags, that’s not having healthy boundaries for yourself. 


As you can see, setting boundaries is a practice that begins with yourself and flows outwardly. Let your subconscious know how worthy you are by being courageous and implementing the boundaries you deserve to become the person you were born to be.


4. Voice Journaling

We all know about journaling, but have you tried voice journaling? I mentioned earlier that if you don’t have a trusted ‘friend’ to be a sounding board for you, then you can talk out the invitation by yourself and you can do this by recording your process via your phone.


When you’re not being invited, you can strengthen your Self-Projected Authority by journaling, but not through writing, but through recording your voice (preferably). The reason why it’s better to journal through talking and not writing is that when you write, your hand can’t keep up with your mind and you’ll have more time to filter your thoughts. Also, when you allow yourself to verbally release, you give your G Center the opportunity to speak spontaneously without trying to figure out mentally what you’re going to say.


You can voice journal through a voice-recording app that comes with your phone or you can get an app that I really enjoy using, called Jour I’ve been implementing Jour on the daily because it gives me different categories of what to journal. So instead of just recording how I want my day to go or how my day was-- which is still amazing to do and you can do so through the app -- Jour provides the opportunity to be more intentional about what I have/want to say that day.


For example, you have options to journal about envisioning your future version of yourself, increasing your self-confidence, preparing yourself to go to sleep, or getting your thoughts out to help with stress and anxiety. It’s not only an app that holds your journal entries, but it actually has valuable information that helps guide you through your process by asking you great questions. By the way, in order to voice record, you’ll have to enable the dictation, which means giving access to the app to be able to recognize your speech.


It’s a fantastic app that I recommend for all my SPPs. Maybe we can get sponsored by them one day!



“Live out your Type, Strategy, and Authority for seven years and you’ll be as awake as Buddha.”

- Ra Uru Hu

In Summary


We started out this blog journey talking about what Human Design is and more specifically what a Projector is as well. Then, we moved into talking about what the two centers are (the Throat and G) that comprise the Self-Projected Authority and how the Authority actually operates. Then, we explored the four channels that connect the Throat to the G Center. Afterwards, we shared a bit about a famous SPP, Barbra Streisand. Lastly, we presented 4 strategies that you can implement to strengthen your Self-Projected Authority.


We hope you received a lot of valuable wisdom and knowledge from this post, and if you know any other Self-Projected Projectors in your world, then please do send this blog or YouTube video below their way to also help them on their journey. 

I also go a lot deeper into what it’s like being a Self-Projected Projector, along with the specific gates within the G Center, and 20+ hours of Projector-related content within “
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Don't forget, as an SPP you have no motors (energy centers), so the best way for you to get energy is to take care of yourself, to get out into nature, to eat healthy foods and feed your mind with healthy thoughts. Another non-negotiable for you SPP’s is to really take care of your environment and surround yourself with good energy and vibrations. 


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What is Human Design?


Before we dive into all things Self-Projected Projector, let’s start from the beginning…


In 1987, a man by the name of Ra Uru Hu had a mystical experience where he was guided and given instruction by what he termed as “The Voice” to combine the ancient teachings of Astrology, The I’Ching, The Kabbalah, and The Chakras alongside modern science of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. The synthesis of these ancient teachings from different parts of the world combined with contemporary science created Human Design, a powerful, accurate, and beautiful system that lays out the blueprint on how to navigate YOUR life.


What I like about Human Design is that it’s not a belief system. You don’t have to believe in how the system was birthed. The founder, Ra, simply said to apply the knowledge that pertains to you and simply see if it works. More importantly, this system is specific to you. This is because of how Human Design works. What this system does is it takes the time, date, and place of your birth and produces a chart (known as a BodyGraph) that looks like the one below. In other words, you were imprinted with specific energy at the moment of your birth, as well as 3 months prior to your birth.



If you want to learn about how to read your BodyGraph, then click on the image below to watch the video we created that guides you step by step, so you can understand how to navigate your own chart.

So, there is no one person that has the same BodyGraph. But this system does categorize humans into 4 main types. These 4 types are Generators (which includes Manifesting Generator), Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Generators have an open and enveloping aura. Projectors have an absorbing and focused aura. Manifestors have a closed and repelling aura. And Reflectors have a resistant and sampling aura.


The most important gift Human Design has to offer humanity is our decision-making strategy. Based on what type you are, will determine how you best make decisions. So if you’re a Projector, this means you have to wait to be recognized and invited for the big opportunities in life (e.g., home, career, love, and relationships). Waiting to be recognized and invited is the first step in knowing how to move forward in life, but before we learn the second step, let’s talk about the basics of what a Projector is.



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With all that being said, we from The Projector Movement wish you an incredible journey, one full of success and wellbeing!


Wishing you all the best,

Charlie and Andre