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Jun 08, 2021

Hello, fellow Projectors, 


Andre here, and in this blog I want to share a few lessons that I’ve learned throughout my deconditioning journey so you don’t repeat the same mistakes I’ve gone through.

Thank you Charlie for allowing me to write this final piece for The Projector Movement, it's great to be able to share it with everyone.

Just Because You’re Being Invited Doesn’t Mean it’s Correct for You


When I embarked on my Human Design journey over two years ago, I learned about my Strategy and Authority, not by creating success, but by creating bitterness. As a striving Projector entrepreneur, I wasn’t able to create much success in my business because I had many fears I had yet to conquer and was following strategies that were designed for Manifestors and Generators. The thought of reaching out to family members, friends, followers on social media, or even worse, strangers on social media made me feel quite uneasy. Or the thought of waking up at 4 AM and hustling late into the night, wasn’t the life I set out to create for myself. I intuitively knew that these tactics weren’t for me. Thinking that all I was missing in my coaching game was knowing how to sell over the phone, I gullibly got myself into extreme debt to join a program that was going to teach me how to close sales on the first call.


During this time, I was just learning about the Projector Strategy and it was also going to be the beginning of my nine-month-long Saturn’s Return journey. So when I got “invited” to attend a 3-day coaching event for free, that originally cost over a thousand dollars, I said yes. Because I hadn’t been very successful, I was convinced during the three days that I was done with needing more time, that I needed to act now, even if that meant maxing out credit cards. I thought to myself, “Well, Human Design says that as a Projector I have to be invited into the major decisions in life and my Saturn’s Return is about to begin, so this must be life drawing me into what I need to do next.” Enter some of the most challenging months of my life.

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Most coaches in the industry will tell you, “Have the courage and just put yourself out there! Messy action is better than no action.” There is some truth to these two sentences, however, I wasn’t ready to have the courage to take action because I didn’t have a foundation of knowledge (Line 1 energy)  to give outside-of-the-box practical solutions (Line 5 energy) to my clients.


As a 5/1 Profile, people come to me so that I can “rescue” them (Line 5) with the specific tools that I’ve researched (Line 1). On top of this, I’m a Projector and we’re designed to master systems. So as a Projector with a Line 1 in his Profile who’s trying to become a coach, it’s highly recommended to master a system. I felt like a phony putting myself out there because, even though I wasn’t aware of being a 5/1, I knew that I needed to become well-versed in a system other than being good at asking questions. 


Back to the coaching program. This program taught coaches that in order to generate money, you have to reach out to as many people as you can every week and that you need to sell the potential client on the first call. When I first heard this, my body was not resonating with this at all. *Currently writing this is cringeworthy* Now I know that the only people who can make decisions in the present moment are those with a Splenic Authority and sometimes those with a Sacral Authority. But for the rest of us, we need time to exercise our unique Authorities. This brings me to the point of the story.


The bitterness that I was feeling throughout the program forced me to search for answers. This drew me to dive deeper into Human Design instead of just hearing about it through casual conversations. I learned that I had made a huge mistake in my decision-making process. Being invited is just the first part in this process and adhering to your Authority is the deciding factor whether the invitation is correct for you or not.


I was so desperate to create success in my business that I let my mind do the decisions for me. During the 3-day event, I thought to myself, “This is what I have to do. I haven’t been able to create a business that fully supports me and this program and its teachings are all that I’m missing to be able to build the business I desire.” I was acting from my Not-Self Heart Center by “willing” myself to have the courage to make a massive investment. Now I’ve realized that the mistake I made was not contacting a few trusted advisors who would hold space for me so I can talk out the decision of whether this program was correct for me or not. Having a Self-Projected Authority means that my voice is the deciding factor. But I ignored the only thing I can trust, my body’s intelligence--my authority


Andre’s Saturn’s Return Lesson


This was a time where I learned more about Astrology, specifically my Saturn’s Return in Capricorn. From the ages of 27-30, we all go through the astrological rite of passage into adulthood known as Saturn’s Return. Saturn is the planet of discipline, responsibility, and structure. Wherever it is in your chart, it’s there to help you grow, however, you’re going to have to have the courage to face the challenges that Saturn presents you with in order to reap its benefits.


I wasn’t aware at the time, but being a coach who is constantly showing up on social media AND not feeling congruent about what I was doing wasn’t respecting my Saturn’s Return in Capricorn. To quote my favorite Astrologer, Steven Forrest, “Only when that inner state of solitude is attained is it safe for the Sea-Goat [Capricorn’s animal] to turn his eyes on the world. If he does so prematurely, glamour and glitter blind him more surely than sharing into the heart of the sun.” He goes on to say, “In a word, Capricorn is the symbol of integrity.” Each sign has an endpoint, and for Capricorn, it’s to achieve both integrity and solitude. Saturn is the planet of lessons. And since Saturn’s Return is when one is really faced with their Saturn’s placement’s challenges (mine being Saturn in Capricorn in the 5th House), my lesson was to retreat from the limelight (social media) and find integrity within myself.


There’s a reason why I’m sharing this astrological rite of passage I went through. During this time of solitude, I finally was ready to receive the wisdom of Human Design and Astrology. I learned that having four planets in the third house all in Scorpio coupled meant I have an innate capability to research occult topics. I also learned that the diagnosis of having “chronic fatigue syndrome” at 18 was false. It’s not that I have a disorder, it’s that I’m a Projector, and working a 9-5, 40+ hours a week is not a work rhythm that I was designed for. Things started to make sense, and it’s why I’ve devoured this knowledge. It’s why I’ve dedicated my work to helping other Projectors understand their unique nature so they too can know that their sensitivity is not a weakness; so they know their energetic rhythm is different; so they know how to make the correct decisions for them to start loving themselves and live the life they deserve.


Manifesting My Position at The Projector Movement


While studying these systems, I learned a Human Design manifestation technique which I co-wrote a blog about and you can read it by clicking here Once I mastered solitude and attained integrity within myself, I was ready to “turn my eyes back into the world.” I implemented the HD manifesting technique to call in a career, or what I like to call a “way of living.” My desire was to get paid to be myself, where my skills are needed, and I wanted it to be in the field of HD or Astrology. I kid you not, two days later, Charlie sent out the invite that he was looking for someone with design skills to join the team. We met up for lunch the following week, his in-the-moment awareness (Splenic Authority) knew right away he wanted me to join The Projector Movement and me hearing my excitement while talking out the opportunity with a close friend afterward confirmed that this was exactly what I wanted.


Initially, Charlie got me on board to rebrand the company and revamp the website. But as time went by, I informed Charlie about how passionate I was about HD and about The Projector Movement specifically, that he started giving me more responsibilities: becoming the social media manager, community manager (Facebook group and emails), video editor, and blogger. We also co-created a course that helps all Types understand how to read their BodyGraph entitled “Unlock Your Human Design BodyGraph” Together, Charlie and I were able to grow this movement to its next level. And it really is a movement. We both are passionate about helping Projectors understand themselves.


I treated The Projector Movement like it was my baby. I poured my heart and energy into it because Human Design has been such a transformational technology for me and The Projector Movement was a vehicle that allowed me to help other Projectors know that it can transform their lives as well. However, some invitations come with an expiration date.

What You Can Rely On, You’ve Never Relied On In Your Life


After a couple of conversations, I informed Charlie that I feel it’s best for The Projector Movement and myself if I ventured off on my own. This was such a difficult decision for me because I had my heart set that this movement was going to be my “way of living.” Having my Moon in Tenth House didn’t help in making this decision easy because I’m emotionally connected to my work and I thought that I had finally found my calling, but life had other plans for me. Well, I did find my calling and that’s to help people live in alignment with their unique nature using Human Design and Astrology.


My mind was attempting to hijack my decision-making process. But as Human Design teaches us, our minds aren’t here to make decisions. Our minds are here to be the passenger of our consciousness and enjoy this ride called life. Knowing that the only thing I can trust is my inner-navigational system--my Inner Authority--I reached out to a few trusted advisors to help guide me in knowing what the correct decision for me was. I do want to point out that some of the best people that can help guide you in your decision-making process are Projectors, and that’s what I did. Projectors do extremely well in one-on-one interactions because they absorb the energy of the person in front of them, then they amplify that energy to know how to best guide the person, and finally they direct that focused energy onto the person’s G Center--making them feel seen.


Being a Self-Projected Projector, the deciding factor in whether a decision is correct for me or not is in trusting the words and the frequency of what comes out of my mouth. After talking to my first advisor, I still wasn’t sure what was best for me. It was only after the second conversation I had with a friend that my voice guided me in knowing what my truth was. I still had a third conversation with another friend just to continue this process because this was a huge decision for me. If you’re a Projector who has an Emotional, Self-Projected, Mental (Environment), or Ego Authority and are being invited or are considering ending an invitation, I highly recommend reaching out to more than one trusted advisor to help you through your decision-making process. 


The mind will try to decide for you, but as Ra Uru Hu says, “What you can rely on, you’ve never relied on in your life. What you can’t trust, you’ve been trying to trust all your life. What you’ve been trusting, has never been you. What you’ve been ignoring, has always been you. Try to trust what’s really you and see what happens.” Since Human Design is an experiment, you have to try it out for yourself. Trust your authority and see what happens. If it wasn’t for what I learned while working alongside Charlie and if I didn’t have something to trust, I wouldn’t be confident in leaving a successful company and starting a new one on my own.


My Final Words


I have nothing but gratitude and love for Charlie, he’s helped instill the entrepreneurial spirit in me and taught me how to cultivate a successful and sustainable business. Because our friendship was founded upon integrity, my decision of leaving The Projector Movement was met with recognition and respect. So much so, he presented me with the invitation of writing one more blog.


For my final blog, I wanted to share my story and also wanted to share a few lessons that I’ve learned thus far on my deconditioning journey that I feel would be of service to you. Let me recap those lessons:

  • Just because you’re being invited doesn't mean it’s correct for you
  • Your mind is not designed to make decisions
  • Cold calling (reaching out to people with an underlying agenda) isn’t how Projectors are designed to interact with the world
  • Your Profile provides the archetypes (the costume) of how you live out your purpose 
    • It helped me understand that as a Line 1, I feel empowered when I research a system that I deeply resonate with
  • Honor your Saturn’s Return
    • To find out how to know exactly when yours is click this link
    • To learn how to pass your astrological rite of passage with grace, check out Steven Forrest’s “The Inner Sky” and Liz Greene’s “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil”
  • Human Design teaches us how to manifest:
  • After being invited, the only thing you can trust in knowing if the invitation is correct for you, is to check in with your authority
  • If you’re a Projector who has an Emotional, Self-Projected, Mental (Environment), or Ego Authority and are being invited or are considering ending an invitation, reach out to a few trusted advisors to help guide your decision-making process
  • Invitations sometimes come with an expiration date
    • Check-in with your inner authority if that date has arrived
  • Trust your authority and see what happens
    • Human Design is an experiment
      • You can read all the knowledge this system has to offer, but it’s up to you to implement its wisdom to create the success that you deserve


I just want to say thank you to Charlie for providing me with such an incredible opportunity. I value you as a guide, friend, and incredible human being. You’re doing amazing things for Projectors and wish you and the movement success, fulfillment, and wellbeing.


To all the people and friends I’ve connected with through The Projector Movement, thank you for reminding me how powerful Projectors are and how beautiful our auras are. We truly make others feel recognized.


Because Human Design has been so pivotal in my evolution, I’m going to continue supporting Projectors in honoring their unique nature so they can create the life they deserve. If you wish to join me, you can follow me @projectorrising and


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