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Manifesting as a Human Design Projector

human design human design projector Aug 26, 2020

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Welcome to this blog post. Today the Projector Movement team is excited to share with all you other fellow Projectors how too manifest. 


Manifestation! It’s been a buzz word in the spiritual community for quite a while now. One of my first self-help books I ever read that got me started on my personal development journey was on manifestation and it might be the most famous one, it’s “The Secret.” This book changed my perspective on how I viewed life and inspired me to be a better human being.


For those of you who don’t know, this book is about the law of attraction and it shares stories on how people are able to manifest their desires through positive thinking and feeling... like you already had what you wanted. Although, in my opinion, this book was missing key ingredients in the manifestation formula, it served as a launching pad into my journey of self-discovery.


Those missing important components are what we’re going to get into in this blog.

Firstly, I’m going to explain why Human Design is an incredible manifestation tool.

Secondly, I’ll be clarifying why only thinking positively can actually get you further away from what you’re trying to call in.

Thirdly, I’ll be sharing the final piece to the manifestation puzzle I was missing that got me the career I have now.

Lastly, I’ll be getting into how Projectors actually manifest. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Why Human Design is the
Most Important Manifesting Technology


Most of the beliefs we have today are in great part due to the conditioning we had from when we were born until around the age of seven. Meaning, how our parents raised us, the language used around us, the emotions that were evoked around us, and the actions done to us whether positive or negative, imprinted us with certain beliefs patterns and structures. These beliefs get ingrained in our subconscious and are then played out in our adult lives, we may not even know that what happened to us as little kids is influencing how we live our lives today. Hello conditioning!!!


So, it’s not our conscious thoughts that are manifesting our realities. Our conscious minds aren’t that powerful. Our subconscious minds on the other hand…


Imagine how our realities would be if what we were thinking consciously got manifested? Our lives would be mayhem! Sometimes we’re thinking beautiful and loving thoughts, other times, we’re thinking thoughts that shouldn’t be said out loud.


What we believe to be true, deep within our subconscious is what’s going to be projected and reflected out into the world. This is why Human Design is an incredible manifesting technology. It takes into account the planetary placements 3 months prior to when we were born which is deeply linked to our subconscious minds and by combining our subconscious with our conscious we get our complete Human Design BodyGraph. And then by following our specific invitation and authority, we’re deconditioning and aligning to our true nature. Meaning, when we as Projectors get recognized and invited, and we then check in with our authority, we’re able to manifest the correct opportunities for us.


The more you follow your strategy and authority the more you shed the layers that are not you (those layers that you were imprinted with when you were a child) and the person you were born to be is able to blossom. At this level of being--where you are your authentic self--you’ve reached a point where you know who you are and know you are worthy of having whatever you desire. Because when you listen to your strategy and authority, you are able to say NO to invitations that are not correct for you. This takes a person who knows their worth.


The Projector who embodies their inner-navigational system understands that if their authority is saying no to an invitation, then that means there is a better opportunity awaiting them. The Projector who doesn’t honor their strategy and authority will compromise and will accept an invitation that may seem correct from the outside looking in, but is in fact not correct for that specific souls journey. This person isn’t owning their worth and feels that there won’t be another opportunity for them. This is why we love Human Design. This system teaches us that our minds can’t make the correct choices for us. Instead, Human Design says that we are born with an intelligence that will guide us into the invitations that will truly make us fulfilled. Those of you who are living from your not-self will pursue desires that will never make you fulfilled and are only pursuing them because of your conditioning and are making decisions from your minds. Remember Human Design is a system that systematically guides you out of your mind. 


Having self-worth is a key to manifesting and it goes hand-in-hand with honoring your strategy and authority. If you’re a person who doesn’t believe you are worthy of having what you desire, then Human Design is going to be your personal cheerleader. Why?


Because Human Design empowers you to be the person you were born to be and to confidently own your unique self, and the desires you want to manifest.


Human Design helps increase your self-worth by teaching you to honor your strategy and authority.

For example, let’s say you’re someone who doesn’t have much self-worth and is trying to call in an aligned career that is fulfilling and pays you abundantly. You’re also just learning about Human Design and what it means to be a Projector. You know that as a Projector you need to wait to be invited for the big opportunities in life and then check-in with your specific authority to know if that invitation is right for you. So you put this intention out into the universe and you wait.
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A week passes by and a friend tells you that they’re looking for someone to fill in for a new position at her company. You get excited because you recognize that this is the invitation that a Projector waits for. You apply and you get called in for an interview.


To make it simple, we’ll say you’re a Splenic Projector (the only Projector who can make decisions in the moment). The day arrives and the interview goes well. They make you an offer. You’re excited because the salary you’ll be getting paid is more than what you have ever been paid before, BUT you’re not being recognized for who you are. You don’t feel your soul is being seen for who you truly are. You’re also going to be working strenuous hours and the job isn’t really what you want to do.


Now, if you’re a Splenic Projector who has low self-worth, but is embarking on his/her Human Design journey, then you know that in order for you to know if this lucrative offer is correct for you is to check in with your authority. Even though the job is going to pay you very well, your present-moment intuition (splenic intelligence) advises you that this job isn’t right for you. As difficult as this decision may be, by honoring your authority and declining the offer, you increase your self-worth and strengthen the relationship you have with your body’s innate wisdom. Your aura is totally leveled up in this moment! 


More On The Specific Projector Authorities


Emotional Authority:

Out of all the authorities, the emotional authority--stemming from the Solar Plexus--is the strongest. And that's pretty easy to know because if someone has a strong emotional response, it can take over everything.  

If you've got a defined Solar Plexus center, what's going to happen is that your emotions are going to go up and down in waves. And you should allow your waves to go up, down, and through its cycle. It could go on for a few days or it could even go for a week, but allow yourself to be patient as you ride these emotional waves.


Splenic Authority: 

Out of all the authorities, the Splenic authority is the ONLY one that can make decisions in the moment. A Splenic Projector’s body is designed in a way that it advises them what is healthy or unhealthy in the present moment. For this reason, when they are being invited, their body will send them an instantaneous message that can be felt as an inner knowing or a resonance. With that being said, it’s very important to understand that you are making decisions with a clean and pure Splenic Center and not from your mind.

Because most people have been conditioned to make decisions from their minds, it takes some time to decondition and connect to your body’s intelligence. For you, Splenic Projectors, your deconditioning journey will involve developing a keen relationship with your body. In this process, you will experiment with your authority when being invited so you can listen to your body’s subtle messages that it sends instantaneously, versus letting your mind, your emotions, or the pressure from others make the decisions for you.


Ego-Projected Authority: 

You are guided by your will. It's important to ask yourself, 'What do I need?', 'What do I want?'

These questions can assist you in making important decisions in your life. 


Self-Projected Authority: 

You are here to speak your truth, to speak your identity, and to listen to your own voice in communication. This life time for you is a lot about self-expression! 

The cleaner the channel you can create from your truth to your voice, the more successful, recognized, and fulfilled you will be as an SPP. 

Communication is SO important for you. Your decision-making process originates from your G Center which we will go into more later in the blog but for now, you need to know that your truth and identity speaks through your voice, so you need to listen to it. 

A shadow aspect for SPP’s to watch out for is via the act of lying, withholding or not speaking the truth. This ultimately confuses you from within and takes you away from your dharma (life path). 


Environmental/Mental Authority:

This authority is known as an outer authority. You are here to be very wise about what environments you choose to put yourself in as your environments are an extension of yourself. 

You can also use your voice and speak out important decision with close friends or family member who have a good capacity to listen. Ultimately you are listening to your truth that bubbles up from deep within. 



Why Positive Thinking Isn’t Going to Help You Manifest 


You can’t call in what you’re consciously desiring if you don’t believe it subconsciously. That’s why positive thinking alone isn’t going to create the life you desire, it can actually get you further from where you want to go because if you’re always thinking positively, then that means that you’re avoiding feeling “negative” emotions. By running away from your emotions, you’re not honoring what your body is trying to tell you.


Let’s say you want to call in an amazing partner. You begin to write all the qualities you want in this person and some word triggers an emotion from the past, but instead of listening to it, you disregard it because you think you’ve 'moved on'. This instance is in fact SO SO important in your manifestation process because this is how you embrace your shadow and are able to transmute whatever event happened that the specific word triggered.


Your shadow is that part of you that you don’t want to admit having. It’s for the most part in your unconscious. This is why whenever you’re being triggered it’s HEALTHY to honor the emotion being activated because you know you’ve landed on a gold mine. This trigger has been brought from your subconscious up to the surface and is an opportunity to heal and transmute it so that it won’t prevent you from calling in whatever it is you’re desiring.


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We don’t just feel joy, bliss, and love all the time. We also feel sad, anger, and fear. New Age rhetoric says that by thinking positively and feeling like you already have what you want is going to call in that which you desire. But this alone doesn’t work. This is creating an illusion of what reality is. For example, in order for there to be light, we need to have dark. This is why it’s healthy to process those so-called “negative” feelings because if you don’t, they’re only going to linger in your body and prevent you from manifesting what you want.


Do you want to know how to process these feelings? I’ll give you a hint: it’s in the word feelings. You FEEL them. You let them permeate your body by breathing into them and letting them express however they want to. Whether that be through big sighs, through dancing, through singing, through yelling, through somatic movement, etc., you need to be with them so you can transmute the feelings.


Projector Manifestation: How To? 


The Projector energy is known to be more feminine in nature.

Ideally Projectors drop into a more receptive nature. The ability to receive for a Projector is EVERYTHING. Receptiveness is more of a feminine quality, whereas initiating is more of a masculine quality. 

An example of this, sexually speaking... a woman is often the one to receive whereas a man is the one who penetrates. 

So if Projectors are more here to receive (receive the invitation, receive the recognition) then it's important that both you and I learn how to open ourselves up to our receptivity. 

This is VITAL when we are wanting to manifest because in reality, manifesting is when things come to us, when we draw things in, when we become magnetic and the invitations pour our way. 

So now the question(s) become: 

How can I open myself up to life?

How can I open up every cell in my body to receive?

How can I become more receptive? 


A huge key to this is our nervous systems. The nervous system is a complex network of nerves and cells within us that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body. This is the part of us that receives information and intelligence from outside ourselves. 


Our nervous system is made up of both the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for the “fight or flight” response during any potential danger. On the other hand, the parasympathetic nervous system inhibits the body from overworking and restores the body to a calm and composed state.


Projectors have a HIGHLY attuned and sensitive nervous system. This has caused many of us a lot of pain and stress, growing up in a world of over stimulation, that is tuned with the frequency of fear, to say it lightly, us Projectors have had it pretty hard. 


Now if you're wanting to MANIFEST, you need to be open to receiving. Now is the time to re-pattern your nervous system into more of a Parasympathetic state so it can begin to slow down, receive, relax and let go of all the stress, traumas and stuck energy held within the cells. This is why as Projectors our strategy is to WAIT. But we need to notice from what energy are we waiting from, is it from stress and fear, or is it from openness, relaxation and receptiveness. THIS WILL MAKE A WOLRD OF DIFFERENCE WHEN IT COMES TO MANIFESTING!


If you're wanting to dive deep into re-patterning your nervous system and deconditioning as a Projector then our online course "The Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey" is FOR YOU! It's a profoundly transformational experience and re-wiring back to your original Projector essence.


A Human Design Manifesting Strategy


This is Andre talking now, I support with some content and creation here at the Projector Movement. 

I’m excited to talk about this topic because it’s near and dear to my heart. What I’m going to share is what helped me get the opportunity I have now with The Projector Movement. Having a career that I’m passionate about and that is truly fulfilling is something that I’ve been searching for, ever since leaving what I thought was going to be my career which was working for Apple in San Francisco. That experience taught me that I had to discover what I was really passionate about because only then would I truly be fulfilled with what I did every day for the rest of my life. Not knowing what I was going to do except having a commitment to embarking on a journey to discover the things that lit me up, life guided me to Human Design. And now that I have a career that nourishes my soul, I want to share the specific Human Design technique that helped me attain what I am grateful for having.


So another reason to love this beautiful system called Human Design is that it teaches us how we specifically manifest. We either manifest in a more masculine way or in a more feminine way. The way we find what way we call in our desires is by looking at our BodyGraph.


If you’re looking at your BodyGraph, then you will see it has four arrows. SEE IMAGE BELOW 

These arrows are called variables. The one we are interested in today is the bottom right arrow. This arrow is called “Perspective” and it will inform you how you view life. We each have a specific way we take in life and then perceive back into the world. The Perspective arrow does just that.


Depending on which direction the arrow is facing you’re either going to be a specific manifestor (masculine) or a non-specific manifestor (feminine). These terms are not to be confused with the Manifestor type and are only describing the way we actually manifest.


SPECIFIC MANIFESTOR (left-facing arrow)


If your arrow is pointed to the left, then you have a more masculine way of manifesting a.k.a. being a specific manifestor. This orientation is also called “Focused.”


For specific manifestors, you have to get super clear on what it is that you want to call in. What you’re going to want to do is take out a pen and paper and write a list of what you specifically want to call in and then write out the details. An important factor I want to point out is that your desires have to come from your core essence, not from your ego.


I’ll share an example of a list if you’re trying to call in a new home to move to:


What you’re calling in

- I’m desiring to call in a beautiful home


The details

- In Santa Barbara, California

- $3k/month

- Architecture is Spanish/Adobe inspired

- Is on the hills with a magnificent view of the city and the ocean

- Has three rooms

- Has a huge backyard

- Has a guest house

- Has enough space in between my neighbors so I can play loud music 


As you can see, this is getting super SPECIFIC as to not only where I want to move, but the type of home I want to move to. The key here is the details.


NON-SPECIFIC MANIFESTOR (right-facing arrow)


So, if your arrow is pointed to the right, then you have a more feminine way of manifesting a.k.a. being a non-specific manifestor. This orientation is also called “Peripheral.”


For non-specific manifestors, you can give the Universe more options and don’t have to be as specific as left-facing arrow people when calling in your desires.


I’ll give an example of a list if you’re trying to call in a new home:


What you're calling in

- A beautiful home


Small details

- $1,500-$2k/month

- Near the ocean

- Has a handful of rooms

- Amazing view

- Makes me FEEL inspired


As a non-specific manifestor, you don’t necessarily get too clear on the specifics of what you’re trying to call in. You manifest from a more dreamy and subconscious place. But you do get in touch with the FEELING of how it would feel when this manifestation comes into reality. 


Andre’s Specific Manifesting Story


Being a part of The Projector Movement is in full alignment with who I am. I finally have what I’ve been searching for, but it took me a while to get here. The story that I’m about to share seems like it happened overnight, but it actually took years for me to get to this level of being where I was able to receive the invitation that quickly.


So when I found out about the Perspective variable, I immediately took out a pen and paper and wrote down the career I wanted. Since my arrow is pointed left, I got super specific in what I wanted to do, how I wanted to feel, how much I wanted to get paid, and I kid you not, two days later Charlie sent out the invitation that he was looking for someone to join the team. I sent him a DM. We met for lunch the next week. And at first, we decided to exchange services. He coached me, I rebranded the company. But after a few months of working together, we decided that I was going to be an official member of the team.


Now, even though I got the invitation two days after making the specific list, I had been doing the inner work for almost three years prior. After leaving the corporate world, I embarked on the entrepreneurial journey and was doing graphic design and was also doing relationship coaching. For three years, I was not only learning about being an entrepreneur, design, and coaching, but I also had to cultivate a loving relationship with myself, one where I had to embrace my shadow self.


In between leaving corporate and being a part of The Projector Movement, I went through my toughest challenges. There were many times where I wanted to give up being an entrepreneur, but deep down I knew I never was going to go back to corporate. They say being an entrepreneur is the greatest personal development journey you can embark on. That couldn’t ring more true for me.


So even though I received the invitation from Charlie two days after writing my specific list, I was already doing the inner work that prepared me for this opportunity. I’m not saying it’s going to take you three years to get what you want to manifest, but I also don’t want to say it’s going to happen overnight. This Human Design strategy of knowing whether I manifested specifically or non-specifically was just the missing piece I was missing in my manifestation formula.





Manifesting as a Projector


Let’s say you’ve got your detailed list as a specific manifestor written out or you’ve set your intention to the Universe of what you dream of calling in. What do you do now? Before we answer that question let’s talk about what not to do.


We live in a society where going after what we want and working hard and long is the norm. Manifestors (the type) can certainly go after what they want when they feel called to pursue something and Generators can definitely work the long hours, but Projectors are designed to do neither.


Forcing is an action that if you find yourself doing, then that is a signpost to stop and take a break. Trying to pursue someone, moving to a location, or trying to get a job when you haven’t been recognized and invited is a one-way ticket to Bitternessville. As good as an opportunity may seem from the outside, if you’re not being recognized and invited, if you FORCE things to happen, you’re not going to like the end result.


So when you’re finally clear about what it is that you’re trying to call in, you then let your aura do the attracting. Your Projector aura is what draws in people and opportunities into your life. And there are ways to increase the strength and purity of your aura to call in the invitations that are correct for you.


Now that we know forcing is what we’re not supposed to do as Projectors, let’s talk about what to do. Each type within the Human Design system has a rhythm, and a Projector’s rhythm is slightly more feminine than those of the energy types. Meaning, it’s a more receptive and relaxed way of being.


After you send out your intention to the Universe of what you’re desiring to manifest, you WAIT. This waiting, however, is not a waiting where you’re not doing anything. This waiting is a strategic time period where depending on how you spend it, can manifest your intention a lot faster, a lot slower, or you may not even call it in at all.


I’ve come to love this aspect of being a Projector because the waiting has three key components to it that nourish our vitality. 


These components are studying, resting, and playing.



Whatever it is you’re trying to call in, you need to be prepared for when the invitation comes, that’s why studying is important. If I wasn’t a graphic designer and wasn’t doing coaching, I wouldn’t have been able to show up to The Projector Movement in the way that I have. Once Charlie sent out the bat signal that he needed someone with specific skills to join the team, I was able to step up to the plate because I was already proficient in what he was looking for.



Another important aspect about waiting is that you need to rest. Projectors need to rest because we need to have the energy for when the invitation comes. We’ve been conditioned to behave like Generators, so if you’re reading this please be gentle on yourself and take the rest you need to fill your cup up; you’re going to need it for when the next invitation comes.



Last but not least, the most fun of them all: play. We thrive when we’re having fun because it nourishes our soul. If you can get out in nature, out in the sun, out in the water, move your body, and bring some lightness and joy into your day to day life this is ideal. The point of playing is to break the routine of doing, doing, doing, and instead bring in more BEING. Simply to be is a wonderful aspect of the Projector nature, YOUR nature. Have fun. Life is too short not to.


So, when you combine studying, resting, and playing you strengthen your Projector aura, which will magnetize your desires towards you.


As Projectors, we’re here to guide people into the new paradigm that is currently being created and will fully surface in 2027. I feel a huge way we’re going to guide people is to slow down their rhythm, to help them relax, to help them feel what is truly important, so they can truly enjoy life.

Also we feel it's important that you understand the projector strategy at its depth...

So we highly recommend you watch this video to take your knowledge and wisdom of a projector invitation to a whole new level...


In Summary


Human Design is the most important manifestation technology because it helps increase your self-worth by empowering you to know whether a decision is correct for you or not, by honoring your strategy and authority. Thinking positive all the time and not accepting our shadow (the parts of us that don’t make us feel good) gets us further from what we’re trying to call in. Depending on what direction your bottom right-hand arrow is facing will determine the way you manifest (specific vs. non-specific). 


Lastly, as Projectors, we don’t force our manifestations, we instead wait by studying, resting, and playing.  





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When you move more into alignment, the invitations, the recognition, the success and most importantly the feeling that is birthed within you is drastically different when you are living out of alignment. Join me to become more aligned.

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Journey well,
Charlie @ The Projector Movement