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5 Ways To Decondition As A Human Design Projector

deconditioning Jul 23, 2020

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You just learned that you’re a Projector type in the Human Design System and are wondering what to do next. You may already know you’re not here to work like everyone else and that you have to get invited to pursue the big things in life (work, relationships, and where to live for example), but are wondering what to do in the meantime. You may have also heard of deconditioning, but don’t have a full grasp on it yet.


Well, in this blog post you’ll be learning about all these topics: 

  • What conditioning means
  • Why Projectors are the most susceptible type to be conditioned 
  • 5 ways to decondition
  • A brand new training that will accelerate your deconditioning process as a Projector


So let us begin! 


We’re living in a world that really isn't fully conducive for us as Projectors. Projectors have an open and undefined sacral center, whereas most of the world has a defined sacral center. Therefore, most of the time you're taking in sacral energy and what happens when you take it in, is that you absorb it and then you enhance it, you multiply it. If you do this on a daily basis, then you can start to actually believe that you are like everyone else and can keep up working for extended periods of time, until you get burnt out, run down and crash--which is the story of many Projectors.


The purpose of this blog post is to help you begin to break up this conditioned karmic pattern of taking this energy and riding it. So let’s learn the five deconditioning methods that the Projectors need to integrate into their daily lives in order for them to shed the layers that aren’t them and begin to align to their natural Projector essence.

What is Conditioning and Why Are Projectors the Most Susceptible Type to be Conditioned?


The Projector aura is very focused, very penetrative, and also very absorbing. It absorbs a lot of energy, information, and emotions from the environment. The benefit of this characteristic of being able to absorb all this information is that it equips you on how to guide the energy of the environment you are in. This benefit, however, can, and usually does, cause a lot of conditioning because we are outwardly focused and therefore can very easily lose our center in this world. 


If you're a Projector, you’re here to be very wise around your energetic management, that's because you're taking so much in, so you can understand the energy in your immediate environment, but inherently you don’t have a huge amount of it within. But if we take a lot in and we don't actually let it go, then we can become very conditioned. We start to pick up this energy and think that it's ours. We start to act out ways that aren't us and we lose ourselves in the process. We overdo things, we overthink things, we push and force things that are not meant to be pushed and forced. Hopefully reading these words you can be gentle on yourself, knowing that until now there hasn’t been awareness on these things, this wisdom and knowledge hasn’t been easily accessible but now you can fully come into your power and dive deep into your own deconditioning process. When you do, you begin to strip away the layers that are NOT you and you begin to make contact with your inner wisdom and your inner guidance and truth. 

The Childhood Of A Projector 


A lot of Projectors have challenging childhoods because of this unique characteristic of the Projector aura, along with being a non-energy type. As children, we are sensitive and are easily susceptible to taking on what our childhood environment was like. So you were most likely conditioned to act, think, and feel in a way that isn’t really you. On top of this, you add parents who don’t know you don’t have the same energy (Projectors have an open sacral center) as mostly everybody else (70% of the population are Generators--energy type) and they simply expect you to have the same energetic output, and at times forcing you to keep up with them, resulting in Projector children not being seen, heard, or understood.

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5 Ways To Decondition As A Projector



Listening to your strategy is the most important way to support your deconditioning process or really begin this process. For a Projector, the strategy is to wait for recognition AND an invitation. Until you’re living the Human Design experiment, that Projector experiment of actually living by your strategy of waiting for recognition and an invitation, then the deconditioning process hasn't really begun because you're not living your truth. You're not living how your energy actually naturally flows with life.


Now, to begin with, I'm not suggesting that you sit at home and you wait for a letter to arrive in the mail that is going to offer you your dream job. What I'm suggesting is to see where life is inviting you energetically, see what is showing up in your outside environment that is in a way pulling you, that is inviting you like an energetic allure, like, “Wow, that keeps showing up and it feels good,” or “I feel my energy sort of awaken to that possibility.” Just see what's showing up.


Listen deeply to life. Life expresses itself through many different ways, not just people. 


Here is an example of not following your strategy and instead letting your mind lead the way. Let’s say you want to live in Spain. You really want to live in Spain because you heard on a podcast how laidback it is, how everyone gets together for dinner, and that it’s family-oriented. You start to think, “I want that! How cool would it be if I lived in Spain?” And because you were inspired by this podcast you go and move to Spain. Since you weren’t invited, chances are, as a Projector, there’s going to be extreme challenges that you’re going to face resulting in an undesirable outcome. In this example, you’re trying to force life to happen for you instead of you flowing with life, instead of waiting for where life is pulling you--waiting for that invitation.


On the other hand, let’s say you heard on a podcast about the possibility of living in Spain. Well you can use your intention, you can allow the inspiration to be felt and then you wait for a sign, you wait for a direct or indirect invitation, you wait for life to give you the right timing. Timing is everything for us Projectors and I’ll be talking about this more in later posts. 


Really open yourself up and see what invitation is being given energetically and follow that. Start the deconditioning process by living your strategy.


Another way to decondition as Projectors is to SLOW the funk DOWN! 


Remember our sacral center is open, and the sacral center is the doing center. So we want to unwind the conditioning from this center by slowing down and doing less. This can look like taking some deep breaths whenever you're stressed. Whenever you feel like you don't have much time and you have to work harder and faster, then that is the perfect time to stop everything you're doing and take those deep breaths.



A study published by the Japanese Society of Hypertension found that taking six deep breaths over the course of thirty seconds helped the participant’s blood pressure lower. So it’s not about taking one deep breath, take AT LEAST six deep breaths. Expand your lungs as much as possible and focus your breath into your belly. This is deliberately breaking the conditioned pattern of wanting to force life to happen for you.




The beauty of breathing is that it can be done anywhere. When I was starting my business I needed to take multiple breaks throughout the day. I would feel this tension building up within me at times and my tendency was to push through and keep going, which I discovered was a very unhealthy karmic loop patterned into me from childhood. But instead I would do one of two things. One would be to leave my study and move into another room, shut the door (so I wouldn’t be interrupted), turn off the lights, close my eyes, take at least six deep breaths, and simply be present with my inner world, with the tension and stress that had presented itself. I would do this for an average of about 10 minutes and this would totally reset my nervous system back to a balanced functional range, and then from this place I would move back into action and my work feeling centered and grounded. The other way I use to slow down and center myself is to go outside into the fresh air, get some sunlight, get my body moving, and once again take some deep breaths and slow the breath down. 


I have managed to create a slowing-down rhythm for myself each and every day which has hugely supported my Projector nature. You might even find me in my hammock when I start to feel my sacral center try to take over. I set a timer for myself so I can meditate/nap without any interruptions.


The key here is to slow down.



The third thing that you can do to decondition is to focus on your diet. As a Projector, as I've already mentioned, we're taking in a lot of energy, information and emotions from our environment; this also includes food.



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Food can actually have a big impact on our system. The Projector system is often more sensitive than others. So if you're around a lot of Generators and they are eating for their pleasure, wanting that muffin and wanting that other sweet dessert, and you're like, “Yeah, I want that as well.” You're the one that's gonna pay the price more than the Generator. 70% of the population can do that. Generators can burn a lot of fuel very quickly (hello Sacral center). In this example, if you go for the desserts, you'll be left with the same pleasure and probably having more because your sacral center has been amplified by the sacral centers of the Generators. And then you'll be the one that is way more affected than everyone else.


Being really aware that your digestive system is a lot more sensitive than most people is vital to your wellbeing. So you enter your Human Design experiment of finding out what works for your system and what doesn't. The best way to do that is you actually feeling and sensing into the foods you eat, asking yourself, “How are my energy levels? How's my digestion? How do I feel right now?” Test your body. Does it like grains? Does it like dairy? Does it like sugar? Does it like proteins? Does it like fat?


So test certain foods for yourself. One week have more of a particular food, the next week have more of a different food. See how you feel internally, feel how your energy levels are, see how your digestive system feels. This is a very practical way to begin the deconditioning process because diet is a major way that you can be conditioned... by trying to eat similarly to everyone else. 


Getting accustomed to what works for your digestive system will help the deconditioning process begin and deepen at a really beautiful level.


I made this video that goes into the Projector diet more (click link or photo to view):


The fourth way to help you decondition is the way you’re sleeping.


If you’re a Projector and you’re sleeping with your partner, night after night, you’re being deeply conditioned. Because when you lay horizontal, your body will often become open and more exposed to conditioning. You don’t have the ability to consciously use your mind to create boundaries. When you’re sleeping, your subconscious mind is open, your energetics are open and your aura is taking in (absorbing) from your environment.



Now, if you’re sleeping with another Projector, they still have specific center, channels and gates defined, so you’re still taking their energy in. It may not be as powerful as say a Generator with 8 closed centers. Chances are most of you will be sleeping next to a Generator or a Manifestor, and you’ll be deeply conditioned when you’re in a totally open state.


Sleeping is a major way for you to decondition, for you to release all that energy that was taken in throughout the day and let it go. But if you’re lying down next to someone night after night, their aura is going to bathe you and you're going to absorb that energy into your system; the conditioning process keeps on happening. So you’re not really giving yourself a break to fully tune into yourself.


So, how should you sleep if you’re a Projector and are in a relationship?


You sleep together with your partner sometimes and you sleep alone sometimes as well. A good rule of thumb would be to do this 50% of the time. 50% of the time you sleep with your partner, 50% of the time you sleep by yourself.


So what if you can’t sleep by yourself?


During the day, get at least an hour of being out in nature, being out of the field of projection, out of the field of other people’s auras, so you can just bathe in your own presence in your own essence.


Lie down on the ground and feel yourself.



Breathe deeply.


So I’ll say it again, if you can’t have that time to sleep by yourself, then implement some moments throughout your day where it’s just you and there’s a lot of space around you and bring in some deep breaths, feel the ground, and just let go.


Speaking of nature...




When it comes to deconditioning for Projectors there is one source that stands out among the rest. What is it? The fifth way to assist you in your Human Design Projector deconditioning experiment is source herself, nature. (Note the source within known as presence is the other GREAT healer).



Nature is the source of all life: the food we eat, the air we breathe, the waters we drink, and the precious materials we build and live with. Nature is pure essence. So when we spend time in nature we instantly reconnect, on a cerebral and energetic level, to our core existence, our natural being-ness.


Conditioning comes from too much doing and trying, pushing and learning. 


Deconditioning comes with slowing down, feeling, breathing, and moving to the pace of YOUR natural rhythm. This rhythm can be found within one's chart when all information is absorbed!


Look to nature and see how each creature has its own rhythm; it’s own speed, growth-rate, expression, and purpose. Dedicate time to your deconditioning by spending time in nature. Let her remind you of your own true and natural rhythm.



This is important moving forward into deeper layers of deconditioning.



If you're wanting to dive deeper into the deconditioning process, I've created a training specifically for you, for Projectors, to shed the layers that are holding you back from living your truth and embodying your uniqueness that is your Projector essence.


So if you want to accelerate your deconditioning, join me on this training called “The Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey: Reprogram your mind, body, and emotions to their natural rhythm.” 



This training will help you let go of patterns within your nervous system, mind, and body that are NOT yours. Ultimately creating more flow, ease, and abundance in your life moving forward. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to let go of imbalances in the body, strengthen your vitality, and create a lifestyle that is truly conducive to your Projector nature.


If you haven’t taken “The Ultimate Projector Guide: Discover Your Success”  then we recommend you start with this one. In this one, we cover the foundations of being a Human Design Projector and much more! You will also discover how to embody your human design wisdom, how to fully activate your success, and how to master your own energy and manage it in a healthier way.


After you take “The Ultimate Projector Guide,” or if you’ve already completed the course already, then the next step would be to take “The Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey.”


We’re excited for this new training because deconditioning is such a vital process of your Human Design experiment and there aren’t trainings out there like this one, specifically for Projectors. We at The Projector Movement are creating the courses and offerings we wished we’ve had when we started our experiments with Human Design many many years ago. We hope you enjoy them.


Journey well,
Charlie and Andre @ The Projector Movement