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Mar 05, 2023

It's confusing for us Projectors. We are running a race that was meant for the Generator. We've been told we need a solid, stable, 9-5 job.

So, we search and search. We spend hours applying. 

IF we do get a job, we become burnt out from all the hours at work. Travelling to and from the office. Feeling like a replaceable member of the team. Just another number within the organisation. 

It's demoralising. Yet, so many Projectors continue the search in the hope something better will come. And change will happen. 


How do we break this cycle?


Projectors are not designed for 9-5 work (or 12am-12pm work!). BUT it is SO easy for Projectors to slip into roles which require them to work 8 hours, 12 hours... even 16 hours! And during those hours, often many Projectors complete double, or triple the amount Generators are able to... with little to no recognition for it! - BURN OUT CENTRAL -

So what are we here for?

We are here to master systems. If you have a 1 in your profile, you'll do this through study. If you have a 2 in your profile, you'll do this through developing your natural talents in your own space. If you have a 3 in your profile, you'll do this through being hands on and seeing what does and doesn't work for you. If you have a 4 in your profile, you're here for your network and real connections. If you have a 5 in your profile, you are here to truly be a guide. Finally if you have a 6 in your profile, trust, allow timing to unfold - within the first 30 years of your life experiment with things and see what resonates deeply within you. 

It is the mastery of systems that unlocks the potential of Projector Success. 

The system/s you master could be anything which YOU are truly interested in.

Whether its nutrition, personal training, website design, baking, surfing, beauty, finance, graphic design, swimming, teaching, language, flying, skateboarding, writing, crafts, animal training, horse riding, engineering, law, medicine or self defence.

Projectors are not limited by who they are. YOU are equipped with everything you need to master and guide with the system which TRULY calls you. Something that truly lights you up. It would be a crazy joke for the Universe to be like, we're going to design you to be interested in XYZ, but (hehe), we're not going to give you what you need to succeed in it. 

We often hear... "I'm not yet being recognised for my mastered systems. SO, it's not financially viable for me to leave my full time job/to not apply for a full time job."

Here inlays the experiment. The theory of Human Design says, we are here to feel success through guiding others with the system we have mastered. This is coded into the mechanics of our chart. Your incarnation cross, profile and other elements within your chart hold other clues to how you will find success in this life.

You are here to align with a VERY specific trajectory. We are all pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of life. Each person needs to play their role. We need everyone to be different. So does the "universe" or whatever you believe to be force greater than us as individuals. 

But it may not be the right timing, you may not be in the right place and you may already be in energetic contracts with things not meant for you. 


"So, what do I do?" If you have a system you are enjoying to master, continue learning, practicing and diving into it. Do so in PLAY and with a high vibration. We all have down days but if this is something you enjoy, you'll continually feel called to keep going with it because it brings you an inner joy.

While you are doing this, make sure you are being seen. Perhaps this is through conversations in your networks (if you have a 4 in your profile), or through posting on social media (for any profile if it feels FUN to do so. You'll likely want to share more if you have certain gates in the collective circuity). 

However you decide to do show up, the aim is to allow others to know what you are working on in a way which feels AUTHENTICALLY YOU - and of course - through invitation (people signed up to a newsletter or those following you on social media are inviting you to share your world with them). If people don't know you are doing it, they cannot respond (as Generators do). They cannot invite you. 


"So, what do I do?" Free up your energy as best as you can. It takes a LONGER time for Projectors to align to their success than Generators. We have to wait for that which is external than ourselves. There is a lot that needs to align for us to align. BUT, WE DO ALIGN. We simply need to remain consistent in our experiment.

It can take a while to energetically leave a situation or job that we have entered into incorrectly in the past. When you enter into something incorrectly for you, it's often a lot harder to leave. Us as Projectors are also tied into energetic contracts. While we can OF COURSE leave at any time, it often feels as though the other won't release us from the energetic contract with them. 

Watch for the invitations in your every day life to exit. Use bitterness as a signpost to things that aren't aligned. Wait for your Strategy & Authority! There is external timing at play.

"What if I see a job I feel really called to do? Is a job advert an invitation?"

An invitation is only an invitation if it specific to you. However, an open invitation such as a job advertisement is an opportunity to apply if you'd like. BUT, applying is a way of being seen. Allowing Generators to respond to our application. 

Our energy and expectations should not be placed behind it until we are invited to interview stages. So apply - if you'd like.

Alternatively (or additionally), being seen for the system you are mastering is often enough for someone to recognise and invite you - without any individual specific action.

How does that work? Give me an example...

Here's a story from my own journey (Rebecca)... I went into a very radical Human Design experiment just over a year ago. It was scary. I had no idea which direction I was going to go in. Yet I surrendered to only enter into things I was invited into - without manipulating the invitation coming in anyway. I stopped applying for jobs. I completely surrendered.  

I can tell you it didn't feel "comfortable". Everyone in my world was confused and telling me it wouldn't work. They kept telling me about the risk I was taking. But I stayed consistent with my experiment... I made sure I was available to be seen. I posted an up-to-date CV online, kept my online professional profiles up-to-date and I let people know (including recruiters from my past) I was open to work.

In the background, over the years I had already been mastering a few different systems to varying levels; communications, teaching, language, first responding, human design. I carried on developing these skills for fun.

The results... I received more job offers in that year than any other year in my life. I accepted a contract with a GIANT company in a communications role. They had recognised me for my unique way of seeing things. 

In the background, continued studying Human Design because it was FUN! I also got an invitation to create a website for someone which came through a word of mouth recommendation. I had never made websites for money in a freelance position before. It was scary but I dove in. I rarely posted about HD on social media but I did speak to people around me about it. A couple of people began asking for Readings. Some of them I did for free as practice. Others paid me a very small amount. I got invited to do a small scale interview with a Psychic Medium. 1/200 people who watched it, who was based in America, asked for one-on-one sessions with myself. She recommended me to all of her friends and went on to book a group Living Your Design Workshop with me. The number of freelance websites I was being invited to make was increasing and then I received an email from the Projector Movement to do Readings. 


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It’s a WILD journey. We are always faced with a battle between mind and strategy & authority. We are always faced in a battle between logic and the unknown. 

One of the key questions we get asked is about money and jobs. How do Projectors support themselves in the REAL world? 

It’s worth noting, some Projectors don’t provide or support themselves financially… yet still have a roof over their head, food in their bellies and a feeling of success within them. Are we aiming for the homogenised way of living? Or are we open to being guided to where we are meant to be? 

There are so many stories of Projectors receiving invitations to live in places with all expenses covered. It’s not logical. But there are numerous experiences to back this up. 

“If you truly live out your Type, you're not going to have a problem surviving in this life. That isn't to say that you're going to become Bill Gates. You only get that rich through the not-self.

This whole business about having enough. You're only going to get what is correct for you by entering into things correctly. And the moment that you enter into things according to your Type, you always have the advantage of establishing the terms. You always have a way of guaranteeing that you are going to get what you need. And since ever)-one has a purpose, if you're living out your design, you're going to see that you're going to have the resources necessary for you.” Ra Uru Hu

From my own experience (Rebecca), I was invited to live in Borneo for 9 months. I had no money in my account and it was a voluntary position. Logic would say it’s impossible… yet it wasn’t. 

Another example, I was invited to live in New Zealand… I was a student. I had no money. After arranging everything, I was unexpectedly offered a scholarship payment covering a chunk.


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