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What Is Human Design | The Ultimate Guide

human design Sep 29, 2020

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What is Human Design?

In this blog post we are going to answer this question and share with you what Human Design is to take you from A to B to C. By the end of this, you will know:

- What is Human Design

- What the 4 types are along with their aura, strategy, signature, and not-self theme

- The 7 authorities

- The 9 centers

So strap yourselves in, and let’s take a little journey!


First and foremost, Human Design uses your birth information (time, location, and date) to calculate your Bodygraph, which determines both your Type and Definition, the key components of the system. If you don't know your Type, then click here to get your free BodyGraphand head back to this blog to continue learning about Human Design. We also offer personalized Human Design advanced recorded readings. If you want to order one to get your life's manual explained to you in a beautiful, detailed way, then click this link to get one.


Human Design syncs the wheel of the Western zodiac with the Chinese I’Ching. This then creates / overlays to make up your personalized BodyGraph. The BodyGraph is a blend of Astrology, the I’Ching, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah. The BodyGraph is like your personal life manual which maps out how your unique energy flows within and also how that then interacts with the world around you. 

The chart also provides you with instructions, which include both your Strategy and Authority, to experiment with in order to live and discover your individual and differentiated nature.


Based upon this imprint at birth, your BodyGraph determines these basic characteristics about you:

TYPE | What kind of aura you have 

STRATEGY | How you interact with life and make decisions

AUTHORITY | How you access YOUR truth 

PROFILE | How you physically move through this world, what costume you wear day to day (a blend of both conscious and unconscious traits) 

Simply put, Human Design is very much like a life manual. We come into this world and it's just like, boom, we're full of sensory overload. We're full of dealing with thoughts, emotions, actions, people, systems, beliefs, religions, everything's just being pushed onto us. And Human Design, which came through about 30 years ago, is a profound system. It's like a user manual on how to navigate life, that is specific to you. 


In 1987, a man by the name of Ra Uru Hu had a mystical experience where he was guided and given instruction by what he termed as “The Voice” to combine the ancient teachings of Astrology, The I’Ching, The Kabbalah, and The Chakras alongside modern science of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Biochemistry. The synthesis of these ancient teachings from different parts of the world combined with contemporary science created Human Design, a powerful, accurate, and beautiful system that lays out the blueprint on how to navigate YOUR life.   


What I like about Human Design is that it’s not a belief system. You don’t have to believe in how the system was birthed. The founder, Ra, simply said to apply the knowledge that pertains to you and see if it works. More importantly, this system is specific to you. This is because of how Human Design works. What this system does is it takes the time, date, and place of your birth and produces a chart (known as a BodyGraph) that looks like the one below. In other words, you were imprinted with specific energy at the moment of your birth, as well as 3 months prior to your birth. 


If you know how to read your BodyGraph or if you have someone give you a reading (which if you’re interested in receiving one from us click here), you can discover who you are. It's literally like you're decoding your software from within. After knowing how to interpret your BodyGraph, you will discover your type, you will know how to make decisions, you will know how to manage your energy levels, you will know which pitfalls you need to watch for. 

The Greatest Gift Human Design has to Offer


The most important gift Human Design has to offer humanity is our decision-making strategy. Based on what type you are, will determine how you're designed to engage with life. Each type within the Human Design System has its own unique strategy. This system categorizes humans into 4 main types based on their auras.


The strategy is the first step of the formula of how to interact with life. The second step in the equation is our inner authority. Our inner authority determines how we move forward with life.


What’s also great about this system is that it advises us what we’re here to mainly feel and how to know if we’re not living in alignment with our energy. A type’s Signature is a sign of "being on track" and your Not-self Theme is your sense of "being off track." 


When you begin to live your life by honoring your strategy and authority, this is when we say you’re living your Human Design experiment. This is also when you begin your deconditioning process (the process of letting go of the layers that aren’t you). The deconditioning process takes about seven years. Don’t let those numbers of years scare you though. This is not to say that it’s going to take seven years until you can enjoy life. Since over 99% of the population wasn’t raised by their Human Design, this means that we have to train ourselves to live by our aura, strategy, and authority, in order to be living in alignment with the body that our consciousness decided to live life through.


It takes seven years for ALL of the cells within the human body to renew. So every seven years we literally have a new vessel. After we fully decondition, we can live our lives as we were born to become. In other words, we can live in alignment with our design where we are healthy, fulfilled, full of love, and live our type’s signatures (Generator: Satisfied, Projector: Successful, Manifestor: Peaceful, Reflector: Surprised).


Our bodies are vehicles that require specific tuning. Human Design offers us the manual to fine tune our bodies in order to live out the lives we decided to be born into. We all decided to come into our bodies to play out different roles. Some of us are workers, some of us are guides, some of us are initiators, and some of us are here to let us know how we are doing. Regardless of our type, we each have specific and unique life paths we’re going to take and our BodyGraph shows us that. If we know how to read our BodyGraphs--life’s user manual--then we can heal ourselves and live a healthy and fulfilled life.


Let’s take a look at the 4 types along with their aura, strategy, signature, and not-self theme.

The 4 Types

Generators (and Manifesting Generators)


Generators have an open and enveloping aura, which enables them to fully engage moment to moment with life. 70% of the population are Generators so they have a lot of power in this world and often create the flow of energy that this world follows. 


The Generator’s strategy is to wait to RESPOND. This looks like engaging with life and waiting for things to come to them so they can respond in the moment. A true response will come from their Sacral Center through the energy of expansion and contraction. Their Sacral will make noises that will signify a yes “Uh huh” or a no “Uh Uh.” 


If you’re a Generator, your signature is SATISFACTION and your not-self theme is FRUSTRATION. These are signposts that help you to know if you are living in alignment or not. So when you, as a Generator, are living in alignment, are responding to life, and listening to your inner authority, then you will feel deep satisfaction. On the other hand, if you are out of alignment, which could look like forcing things to happen, then you may feel deep levels of frustration within your physical and emotional body. 


Generators are the true life force of the planet and it’s very important for them to find a job that they can invest their abundant energy into that they really enjoy. This is key. They really do need to find a joy that they LOVE. Having the right work actually transforms their life and slows the degeneration process of their bodies (pretty important ey). 


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The Sacral Center, which all Generators have defined in their BodyGraph, is a huge source of internal energy and it’s designed to be busy and active. True rest comes only once the energy is burned off through the day. 


Some famous Generators include: 

Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Madonna, Elvis, Walt Disney, Robin Williams, Ram Das, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Clint Eastwood 


Robin Williams



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Projectors have an absorbing and focused aura, which enables them to deeply know their environments as well as the people within those environments. 20% of the population are Projectors and they are here to GUIDE, mainly the Generators, in how best to use their abundant energy. 


The Projector’s strategy is to wait to be RECOGNIZED and INVITED. It’s very important for Projectors to give themselves space and time to relax into themselves. This can look like a walk, reading a book, meditating, yoga, etc. This is because Projectors don’t have a consistent source of energy to keep going and going. This looks like a rhythm where you work, only when the right invitation comes, and then allow yourself to rest and relax in between invitations.


Whilst, you as a Projector are flowing and waiting for those invitations, there are three main things we recommend here at The Projector Movement:


  • REST 
  • STUDY 
  • PLAY 


We have already talked about rest. Due to Projectors having an open Sacral Center, Projectors don’t have a consistent source of energy, so that calls for rest and relaxation to nourish and support the energy. 


Studying is important because Projectors are here to be masters of some system and to be a master you must study, so in between invitations it’s a good idea to study something you’re truly passionate about. 


Play is in alignment with the Projector aura, the Projector sensitivity, and the Projector energy. If you’re a Projector and you’re reading these words, we invite you to write down things in your life that feel like PLAY to you and then increase that in your life. Trust us, this will change everything for you. It will align you to your purpose when you choose to play and feel joy.


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The not-self theme for Projector is BITTERNESS. Do you want to know how to resolve that feeling? SUCCESS, which is the Projector’s signature theme. Projectors are designed to be successful, but many don’t feel that way because they’ve been conditioned to initiate (which is what Manifestors are here to do) and to work for extended periods of time (which is how Generators and Manifesting Generators are designed to live). Projectors are designed to live in a more feminine rhythm. When Projectors learn to slow down, to play more, to study their passions, then life will bring them the correct invitations for them which will lead to success.


Another thing to note if you are a Projector is that you are constantly absorbing the energies around you. This means it’s good to be careful about the environments and people you surround yourself with. Find people (family and friends) that nourish you, that support you, and choose in this moment to really nurture those connections. 


Projectors, especially coming into 2027 and beyond, are here to become the natural managers and leaders of the world. As we’ve already said, Projectors do not carry a consistent source of energy in their own personal energy field, but instead, take in the energies of others and manage it. 


Some famous Projectors include: 


JFK, Avicii, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana 


Nelson Mandela



Manifestors have a closed and repelling aura, which enables them to impact and initiate. Manifestors are very powerful beings. 9% of the population are Manifestors and their gift to the world is their ability to initiate. These beings are highly individual and others around them will most likely feel this. 


If you’re a Manifestor, then you will 100% NOT want to be controlled or suppressed in any way, shape, or form. You will want to move out into the world freely and openly. If this doesn’t sound like you and you are a Manifestor, then you may have been conditioned from childhood to wait and not initiate. This could be because your parents said NO many times or constricted or controlled you. We recommend being gentle on yourself and focus on your STRATEGY of informing others BEFORE you initiate. The reason it’s good for you to do this is it takes the edge of the initiation and allows others in your environment to welcome your initiations rather than blocking them or question them, which ultimately reduces the resistance you will have in this world. 


The not-self theme for Manifestors is ANGER. Often, Manifestors will have a lot of anger suppressed within their bodies from all the times people have said NO to them. On the other hand, an aligned Manifestor can expect to feel a lot of PEACE (which is their natural signature) when following their strategy and authority. 


Historically, Manifestors have been in charge and have been the leaders, although, currently there is a transference of power over to the Projectors who are here to GUIDE more than LEAD, in a more open and feminine way. 


Some famous Manifestors include: 

Adolf Hitler, Bruce Springsteen, Maya Angelou, Martha Stewart, Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design), Robert De Niro, George Bush, Johny Depp 


Ra Uru Hu




Reflectors have a resistant and sampling aura, which enables them to engage and transform the energy within environments. Reflectors only make up roughly 1% of the population so they are a very rare type of being. Ideally, Reflectors are connected to the lunar cycles (moon cycles) and are able to reflect and contemplate whilst taking their time. 


The strategy that Reflectors are here to follow is to wait through a whole moon-cycle (28 days) before making any medium to large decisions. Examples of this could be partnerships (both business and relationships), moving locations, investments and there are many more examples. 


One thing we recommend is to deeply get in touch with the 4 elements (earth, air, fire, water) if you are a Reflector. Jump in the ocean, take deep breaths, slow down, lay down on the ground, and light a candle. The elements assist you in balancing your finely tuned energy and aura. 


The not-self theme of a Reflector is DISAPPOINTMENT. This could happen if Reflectors, for example, decide to initiate whilst not following their strategy and authority. On the other hand, when in alignment, Reflectors will end up being delighted in life’s SURPRISES (the Reflector signature).



If you are a Reflector, you are actually designed to be a judge for humanity, reflecting back the injustices humanity inflicts on itself; your gift is your ability to clearly discern. During these times we find ourselves in, may cause some difficulties for you because it seems like humanity and its shadow is rising up to the surface to be seen, felt, and heard for all, but especially YOU. 


A strength of Reflectors is their ability to enliven and lift up the energy of others, as well as mirroring back to people their energy as a reflection. It’s important that you connect to your truth, the elements, and your design and not allow the collective conditioning to imprint you. Stand subtly, yet powerfully in your own aura.


Some famous Reflectors include: 

Teal Swan, Sandra Bullock, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Amma (hugging Saint), H.G. Wells


Teal Swan


Now that we know about each type and their strategy, let’s take a look at the second step of how to move forward with life-- the authorities.

The 7 Authorities 


Your authority guides your decision making. There are seven authorities, each having their own unique flavor and flow. 


There are two main types of authorities: Inner and Outer


Inner Authority 


The inner intelligence enables us to make a decision from our truth within, and through this truth, we can know whether a decision is correct or not for us. It’s like our personal inner compass guiding us along our life path. The main purpose of our authorities is to know our truth outside of our minds. The mind always wants to make decisions for us, but the mind is simply memory, past experiences as well as future desires all blended together. So our real truth does NOT come from the mind. This is where our inner authority comes in which is more of a body-based knowing that precedes the cognition of the mind, and thus accessing it requires us to become more embodied and to listen better to our bodies.


Outer Authority 


Unlike the inner authority, people with an outer authority do not have access to their truth within their own bodies. They access their truth within their ENVIRONMENT, and these people will often need a little more patience to truly know their truth. 


Now let’s explore the 7 different authority types: 

Emotional Authority 


If you have your Solar Plexus (the brown triangle on the right of the BodyGraph) defined, then this means your inner authority is classified as being “emotional.” 50% of the population has an emotional authority and multiple types can have this authority (Generators [Manifesting Generators], Projectors, Manifestors). This lets us know that we’re evolving towards a world where emotional intelligence (over mental intelligence) is going to be respected.


For those with an emotional authority, after listening to your strategy, you need to wait to let your emotions subside so you can find clarity in knowing whether the opportunity presented is correct or not. When it comes to big opportunities, it is recommended that you wait at least a few days, but really it could take even a week or 2 to really find true clarity. Only you will know when you have found true clarity within your emotions.


Sacral Authority 


Only pure Generators can have this authority. So, if you have the only red center colored in, don’t have the emotional center defined, and don’t have a motor (Solar Plexus, Ego, Sacral, or Root Center) connected to the throat, then this means you’re a Pure Generator with a Sacral authority. 


Sacral people have the energy to work. They’re the life force of the planet. There’s a reason why they’re called Generators and that’s because they’re the builders of the planet. Generators are here to respond to life, and to know whether they should move forward with what life is presenting them with, they need to check in with their Sacral. A yes could be an “Uh Huh” and a no sounds like “Uh Uh.”


Splenic Authority 


People who have a Splenic authority are designed to be very intuitive. They are the only people who can make decisions truly in the moment. The Splenic Center is an awareness center and this authority is the oldest one out of all of them. It’s similar to the instinctual nature we see in wildlife where animals are very connected to nature and can sense danger IN THE MOMENT. They are connected to the present moment and need to trust their instincts in order to survive. The intuitive hunch doesn’t last long, so it’s vital, if you have splenic authority, to cultivate an awareness of your body’s intelligence so you can know how to make correct in-the-moment decisions.


Ego Authority 


The Ego authority is one that Projectors and Manifestors can have. The difference is seen in the mechanics of how a Manifestor operates. Manifestors’ strategy is to initiate, and they can do so because they have a motor (energy) center connected to their Throat Center (where manifestation comes through). What makes a Manifestor have an ego authority is if their Ego Center (motor) is connected to their Throat Center. If a person has their Ego Center connected to their G Center, then they will most likely be a Projector. This is not to say that they can't have other centers defined, but this is how an Ego Manifestor and Ego Projector are designed mechanically.


How this authority operates, is after the Manifestor and Projector listen to their strategy, they have to be selfish and ask, “What do I want? What's in it for me?” They have to be selfish because the Ego Center is the hub of will power. Meaning, they have the capacity to finish projects all the way through, however, problems arise when they move forward with opportunities that aren't correct for them. For this reason, they can only say yes to things that are truly going to fulfill them because they have the will to complete whatever they get themselves into.

Self-Projected Authority 



This authority is unique to Projectors. When these people speak, they are speaking from their core, their truth, their identity. This is because the G (identity) Center is directly connected to their Throat Center. For this reason, after a Self-Projected Projector is recognized and invited for an opportunity, in order for them to truly know whether that invitation is correct for them or not, they need to talk to someone who can LISTEN so they can hear the truth in their voice. The listener is really there simply yo listen, they’re not there to give you advice because you know the answer, but you will only know it when it comes out of your OWN voice.


Mental (outer) Authority 


Another authority that is unique to Projectors only. Mental a.k.a. No Authority and Environmental Projectors, you have a similar authority to Self-Projected Projectors. When you are being invited for an opportunity, you need to have a trusted advisor to listen to you so they can hear your own voice. The key difference between these two Projectors (Self-Projector & Mental), however, is that a Mental Projector also needs to be in an environment that is grounding. If the invitation is related to a location, for example, if it’s about moving to a new home, then the Mental Projector needs to go there to know how he or she feels in that environment. The environment will either resonate with you or the location will let your body know it’s not the right place at this time.


Lunar (outer) Authority 


Only Reflectors have this authority. This one is truly unique because only 1% of the population are Reflectors. If you see their BodyGraph, then you will see that all of their centers are completely open. This means that they are really connected to the planetary movements, especially that of the moon. When Reflectors are making big decisions in life, to know if that opportunity is correct for them, they need to follow the same cycle that the moon goes through and wait 29.5 days to come to a clear decision. Since Reflectors’ charts are very open, their environment and the people around them are extremely important for them. Reflectors also need to spend time in environments they love as well as talk to trusted advisors, not to seek their advice, but to articulate their own thoughts and hear the clarity in their voice.


Now that we know about the 7 authorities, let’s get into the 9 centers.


The 9 Centers


In Human Design, “Centers” are what we call the geometric shapes located inside the BodyGraph. Centers are focal points, or hubs, that receive and transform the energy (life force) that circulates throughout us. 


Each of the nine Centers of the Bodygraph has its own distinct biological correlation, i.e. the Splenic Center is connected to the lymphatic system and the Root Center to the Adrenal Glands. Each Center has a specific function, and there are signposts of how they function correctly, and influence behavior when operating incorrectly.


Centers can be Defined (colored in) or Open (white). The way Centers are defined and connected to each other determines your Type, Authority, and much more. 


An open Center in your BodyGraph is one of the primary receptors of conditioning—or outside influences taken into your physical being. This receptor impacts your mind's decision-making process and creates what the Human Design System calls the Not-Self. The Not-Self leads you to make decisions based on strategies derived from conditioning (the mind) rather than your true self.

Conditioning is a fact of life you cannot avoid nor would you want to. Ignorance is the only detriment here. If you are unaware of how you are deeply conditioned through your open Centers, it can overwhelm you and compromise your capacity to experience your true potential. However, when you are operating correctly, and your mind is no longer making life decisions, open Centers can be an incredible source of wisdom developed over time. Understanding your conditioning and how it impacts your mental, emotional, and physical being is one of the first steps to leading a life as yourself.


If you want to accelerate your deconditioning process, we have a course called the “Ultimate Projector Deconditioning Journey” that helps Projectors know how to shed those layers that aren’t them so they can align to their natural Projector essence. 


Let’s take a look more in-depth at each of the 9 Centers. 


Head Center

Function: Ideas, Inspiration, pressure to think

Type of Center: Pressure

Biological Correlation: Pineal


The Head Center provides mental pressure to find things out. Its theme is inspiration and it asks lots of questions in order to understand and to make sense of life.

Since it’s one of the two pressure centers (the other being the Root Center) the pressure here is a mental one. The challenge is to accept the mental pressure without trying to act on it or escape it. Confusion, doubt, and clarity are natural processes that have their own inner timing and resolution. Under the guidance of one's Authority, the pressure to know becomes a quality that stimulates thought-provoking questions and varying answers that may uplift and empower others.


Not-Self Head Talk: 

  • Why do I keep trying to solve other people’s questions?
  • Am I trying to mentally figure things out? 
  • Am I allowing mental pressure to get the best of me where I’m not honoring my strategy and authority?


Ajna Center


Function: To conceptualize, categorize, and analyze

Type of Center: Awareness

Biological Correlation: Anterior & Posterior Pituitary


The Ajna Center represents the conscious mind and how we see the world. This is where we process information, where we think, where we form opinions, and where ideas come from. Contemplating and exploring life’s possibilities is in the Ajna Center’s realm.


If defined, it has a fixed way of thinking about things and it's very important to rewrite beliefs--when beliefs are in flow it can be super powerful.


The Ajna is susceptible to anxiety, fear of not knowing, or being misunderstood.


Not-Self Ajna Talk: 

  • What should we do? I have to figure this out. 
  • I’ve got to figure out what to do with my life. 
  • What’s the next move?


Throat Center


Function: Manifestation, Communication, Action

Type of Center: Manifestation

Biological Correlation: Thyroid and Parathyroid Gland, Metabolism


The Throat Center is the main hub of the body. Everything moves towards the throat for expression, action, and manifestation. This center naturally attracts a lot of attention that is designed to set the stage for manifestation. There can be a lot of pressure to speak and/or act too soon, but if you follow your strategy and authority, the timing will always be right.


Not-Self Throat Talk: 

  • Where should I go so that I can get the attention I want? 
  • Is anyone noticing me? 
  • What should I manifest? I better manifest something. 
  • I better become something.


G Center 

Function: Love, Identity, and Direction

Type of Center: Compass, Magnetic Monopole (The Seat of the Driver)

Biological Correlation: Liver and blood


The G Center, a.k.a. The Identity Center is where we have a sense of belonging in the world (people, places, interests, etc.) This center is one of guidance where there’s no need to look outside ourselves to discover who we are and where we’re going. People who have their G Center defined, know who they are, and have a strong sense of self. It attracts love, beauty, and draws us towards what is specifically ours. 


Not-Self G Talk: 

  • Am I still trying to find direction and love? 
  • Who am I going to love? Who is going to love me?
  • Do I feel lost? Where should I go to find out who I am?


Ego Center 

Function: Ego, WIllpower, Material World

Type of Center: Motor

Biological Correlation: Heart, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Thymus Gland


The Ego Center a.k.a. The Heart Center is where we have courage, loyalty and competitiveness, self-worth, and self-esteem. It has a direct connection to the throat center, so if there is a channel connecting both centers, it can speak and act for the tribe. The Ego Center needs healthy affirmation and to be reassured of its value.


For people with a Defined Heart Center, it’s healthy for them to make and keep promises. As long as they’re following their strategy, they will have the willpower to complete things through.


Currently, as a collective, we are undergoing massive tribal changes (entrepreneurship, new societies, etc.) and this can put massive pressure on a person who has an Undefined Heart Center and can create self-esteem and self-worth struggles. Furthermore, Undefined Heart Center people are not here to prove themselves. It’s healthy for these people to own their worth. 


Not-Self Ego Talk: 

  • Over-achieving tendencies 
  • Making promises or bargains without the willpower to complete
  • Laboring beyond one’s abilities to feel more “worthy”

Splenic Center 

Function: Intuition, Instinct, Body Consciousness, Survival

Type of Center: Awareness

Biological Correlation:  Lymphatic and Immune System, Spleen, T-Cells


The Splenic Center is one of three awareness centers allowing us to be conscious of our human experience. It’s also the oldest awareness center (focused on keeping us alive) and it represents the body's con­sciousness, INTUITION, the immune system, and well-being. Themes for the Splenic Center are feeling good, feeling and being safe, the seat of deep survival fears, and a healthy lifestyle.


This intuitive center is connected to our immune system and is like an overseer, making sure all is working optimally and healthfully; when it is not, it will warn us. It is also a source of our light-heartedness and laughter, our spontaneity, and daringness.


The Splenic Center’s intelligence lies in its spontaneous information that we call intuition, gut instinct, or a hunch; it allows us to make trustworthy in-the-moment judgments and decisions. If you have it defined within your BodyGraph, you have to be very aware because this spontaneous intuition never repeats! So it is key for this person to cultivate an intimate relationship with this center in order to trust it’s guidance.


Not-Self Splenic Talk: 

  • Am I holding on to relationships, jobs, places, substances that aren’t healthy for me?
  • Am I always thinking about how I can best survive in this world? 

Solar Plexus Center 

Function: Emotional and Social Awareness; To express the full range of emotions

Type of Center: Awareness and Motor

Biological Correlation: Prostate, Kidneys, Lungs, Nervous System


The Solar Plexus a.k.a. The Emotional Center is one to be aware of. This is where emotional energy (emotions, moods, desires, passions) and emotional connectedness (romance, bonded family connections, spiritual communities) reside. Moreover, the mutations that are currently happening and won’t come into full fruition until after 2027 are mainly happening in and around this center.


When a person has their Solar Plexus Center defined, this automatically makes them have their inner authority be emotional. It has the biggest impact on us as a humanity and it clearly does because 50% of the population have this center defined.


The emotional center emits energy that drives the cyclical nature of human experience. It produces waves of emotions, the highs and lows, pleasure and pain. The key to transcending the emotional system, and the potential waves it sends into the environment, is by 'waiting.' If you have an emotional authority, after you honor your strategy, you have to wait to ride out your emotional wave so you can find clarity. Remain the objective observer during the wave and know that you are not the wave, but are simply being taken by the wave into your depths. It’s a beautiful experience when we don't let the highs or lows disturb our inner tranquility, the tranquility of knowing what is 'normal' for us. Because imagine if we didn’t experience emotions, life would just be mechanical.


Not-Self Solar Plexus Talk: 

  • Am I avoiding confrontations? 
  • Am I afraid of speaking my truth to others?
  • Am I dulling, suppressing or dissociating from my emotions?

Sacral Center 

Function: Life Force, Vitality, Sexuality

Type of Center: Motor

Biological Correlation: Ovaries, Testes


The generating power of the Sacral Center is vitality, life force, the chi, sexuality, fertility, and movement. Its themes are creativity, effective energy use, setting of healthy boundaries, and work preferences are key.


If you have the Sacral Center defined, then you have enormous power that works in both a generative and a degenerative way. It is the body's most powerful motor. However, without proper engagement and support, it will atrophy and degenerate prematurely, leaving one frustrated and unhealthy. The way one manages it properly is by responding to life and expanding its energy until running out. You must exhaust all energy during the day to truly rest well.

For Generators, there is a primal sound that buzzes from their Sacral Center. They are impulsive noises that vibrate from your midsection (diaphragm opening & closing and Sacral Center) and these sounds let you know if you like what you see, hear, and are asked to do--it guides you to your true response. It’s important for those Generators and Manifesting Generators with a Sacral Authority to re-learn how to trust in these sounds for personal wellbeing and transformation.


Not-Self Sacral Talk: 

  • Do I stop when I need rest? 
  • Do I know when enough is enough?

Root Center


Function: Pressure, Drive, Stress

Type of Center: Pressure and Motor

Biological Correlation: Adrenal Glands


The Root Center has to with adrenaline, stress, energy and is the driving force of all life processes. Themes of drive and stress management are located in the configuration of this center.


This pressure center uses stress as a fuel source that energizes us to master challenges. The Root pressures us to evolve, adapt, and get through difficulties. It’s most powerful energy is to keep moving forward.


People with a defined Root Center have the capacity to manage pressure and stress in a fixed, but healthy way. Those who have this center undefined are here to be wise about how to best use the pressure within the environment.


Not-Self Root Talk: 

  • Why am I always under pressure to get things done? 
  • Am I letting stress from the outside world run my life?
  • Am I overly driven, to the point of affecting my wellbeing? 

Now Let’s Take a Look at a BodyGraph

So here is my BodyGraph. This is my chart, but it can be anyone's chart, you don't have to relate it to me, just say it as a Human Design chart. This person is a Projector because he doesn’t have his Sacral Center defined and doesn’t have a motor center (Sacral, Heart, Solar Plexus, or Root Center) connected to his Throat Center.


Both the Root Center and Splenic Center are defined. And then we've got two columns of numbers, one on the right side and one on the left side. The right side has the black numbers and on the left side has the red numbers. Now the right side is the personality side; it's the mind side. So each one of these numbers is a gate. These numbers are based on the position of the planets from when you were born. For example, you can see, the very top number 57.3, is in the position of the sun, then it goes to the earth, then it goes to the north node, the South Node, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. 


If you look on the left side, this is the design side. This is the body side, also known as the subconscious side, or design. These gates are activated at roughly eighty-eight days previous to when you're born, this is when these planets fell into these gates.


Now, if you look at the different gates, let's take, for example, gate 38, you can see the 38 is active on both the black side and the red side. So if you look at the BodyGraph, you go to the Root Center and you’ll see number 38 is highlighted. This is what it mean to have Gate 38 defined. And you see coming out of gate 38 black and red. This represents that both Gate 38 is defined when I was born (personality-mind) and also 88 days prior to my birth (design-body).




Centers become defined when there is a channel that runs between two centers. So for example, I've got a channel that joins Gate 32 with Gate 54. This is the channel of transformation and because there's a direct channel running straight from these two centers, then, therefore, these centers are defined. Nowhere else on my chart is there a channel joining two centers, that's why I only have two defined centers within my BodyGraph.


When a center is defined, it's predictable, it's rhythmic, and energy more so flows from within you, out into the environment. When a center is white, it's open, it's known as undefined, it's taking information/energy in from the external environment, it's more so absorbing. 


So, as Projectors, for example, those open centers are opportunities to be wise about our environment, for us to learn about our environment, because what is defined happens internally no matter what, so it's always a part of us. But what is open and undefined, we can really understand and get to learn and see how it works.


For example, I've got a totally open Solar Plexus Center, which is the emotional center and is the very right triangle. Now, as already mentioned, this center is all about emotions. So, therefore, when I'm around people I’m going to be absorbing a lot of emotional energy. This gives me an opportunity to go to, metaphorically speaking, emotional college, because each and every day, I'm learning about emotions at a very deep level. 


That’s a little breakdown of a Human Design chart.

Where To From Here

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Now that you know more about the Human Design System and what it is, we encourage you to start experimenting with this knowledge and turn it into embodied wisdom. When you choose to do this you may experience changes in your perspective, wellbeing as well as flow. Remember, our consciousness decided to come into this life with the specific bodies we have and our bodies are vehicles that require specific tuning. Human Design is the manual that helps us understand how to navigate life in order to live in alignment. Over time, you can expect a deeper level of fulfillment, joy, and success.


If you want an in-depth Human Design chart reading for your specific design then you can click this link:


If you’re a Projector and want to continue diving deeper into understanding your Human Design, then we have a few courses that you may be interested in. We recommend starting with the “Ultimate Projector Guide.”


We hope you enjoy this Human Design journey and we wish you all the best on your journey of self-discovery ✨


Warm regards,
Charlie and Andre @ The Projector Movement 


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