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Projector Guide Testimonials

I’m not going to say how much younger Charlie is than me, but I will own he is so much wiser :)  Charlie is one of those dudes you meet that you can’t help but be inspired by.  But let me be specific: His Projector course is a gift.  For the first time in more years than I can say I am off my own case, getting in tune with me, my rhythms, my way….and not apologising for it.  The essential me is emerging in so many ways, and it feels gooooood! Bless you Charlie.  What a gift you’ve given me to make living so much richer.Since then, I've experienced a great freedom in the area of wealth. I recommend Charlie for his gentle and caring nature, and his dedication to having you achieve what you want out of life!"

KATHRYN - Psychologist

Thank you so much. I have to thank you.
I think your are doing such a great job. I resonate with everything and this just feels so true I needed to cry.
This is my truth and my soul is longing for this expression and needs to learn how to do this. Keep up the great work. Thank you!"


 It was the first course I took to learn about being a Projector. It felt like a gamble because of the cost and I'm unemployed right now but it was the best investment I've made in myself this past year. The things I've struggled with for so long (bitterness, not feeling recognized, beating myself up mentally for not being as productive as others, forcing myself to expend more energy even when I was burned out etc.) finally made sense. I've always felt different and this guide made me feel recognized; like I finally had the permission I needed to embrace my unique energy and not feel guilty about it. It's helped me be present, honor myself (my energy, my boundaries, my flow), and realize how many life-changing opportunities I've had were because I was intuitively following my strategy at the time. I can't tell you how valuable this has been in helping me clear out things and people that weren't for me and were doing me more harm than good.


Charlie Maginness, I want to say a sincere thank you to you. I gained so much and have been reflecting for weeks. Before, I had spent a lot of money and waited over 6 months for a reading with a well known UK based reader, and I got ten times more out of yours than I did with that one. I have recommended this to a few friends since. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to this HD experiment.


 I want to say to you again ....your projector course is SO amazing and helpful. It is one of the most beautiful and valuable gifts I ever had in my life......I am so very happy.


 I've turned into tears. I can't believe it's "the end". It really has been an incredible journey, taking this course is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I thank you Charlie so much, HD changed my life, but you Charlie, you've gave me the treasure of becoming aware of my power. You haven't changed my life, even more, you've evolved my life. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


 I can't express to you how much Week 1 is just... surpassing all expectations and I am SO EXCITED for life and everything to come. Charlie has depth of knowledge way beyond my expectations and his clear and skilled communication style are making this course SO enjoyable to work through. 

I've known I am a projector for almost a year and I've read a fair amount of content on Human Design and various aspects of my chart. However the last week I feel I've really levelled up in that deep understanding and embodying of what it means to be a projector. I'm feeling so inspired and encouraged to embrace my design in the world and treasure my gifts to continue moving towards a life of joy and success.

If you're floating along and are a slightly lost projector like myself and feel called to this training then I highly recommend you go ahead. I already know the return on my investment will be HUGE. I was kind of blown away by Charlie's knowledge last night, so just sending so much love and gratitude.


Thank you for all the videos. I love your way, short cut, to the point, easy to understand and can be brought to real life. I have tried many things on my journey, and then I found you on YouTube and fell in to your videos and we started working together... Thank you for being in my life and for all the things you are doing. You have changed my life in an extremely positive way!


 This has given me the licensing to be me. With this knowledge I am likely to thrive physically and emotionally. I felt seen and recognized, which as a projector, I value a lot. I felt his passion and intuitive gift. I also  appreciate the tools he provided. Everything was spot on, it brought me to tears. Charlie served as a mirror, reminding me of who I came to be in this world. Thankful for the magic you’re spreading!


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Emotional Decondition Testimonials

 I feel so grateful at the moment. It is so beautiful to see you all and to listen to the call. Thank you Sarah and Charlie for sharing your wisdom and experiences....and thank you all and especially my small exercise group for your being here. In a live call I am always a little bit nervous. When I have to speak I lose the connection to my feelings......so it was very difficult for me to describe what I feel. But now I feel gentle, very grounded and very blessed to be in this beautiful community. Thank you !!!!!


 This mastermind is so worth skipping some sleep for thank you! And I thought I would share my spirit animal that I saw very close this morning I find the Heron very projector like, as the turtle now off to bed for 2 hours before the kids wake up.



Hello Projector Peeps... I've been processing a lot of emotions lately "unintentionally" and wanted to share and see if anybody else is having this kind of experience???

Maybe I've always been processing emotions like this and I'm just more aware of it?  But I have the feeling that it has a bit more to do with being in this group and probably also Sarah Patrice Lemmerman's "witchiness" and some kind of activation that has happened?

Yesterday, I talked to my dad, which is not always a normal occurrence. He asked about my kid, my partner Ryan, asked specifically how Ryan's job is going and wanted to hear all the details, told me about himself etc... for 40 min... but he never asked me how I was doing and what I was up to in depth... I didn't think anything of it till later when I was watching a show called 9 Perfect Strangers on Hulu (highly recommend this by the way, talk about alternative healing!) and there were high emotions of sadness being played out... and then all of a sudden I had this thought of "why doesn't he ever ask about me? why doesn't any of my family of origin ever ask about me and what I'm doing beyond my immediate nuclear family?" they ask how i am- and "good" is really all they want to know", they never ask about my work or projects or anything like that, and I tend to not come out with it unasked because they don't support what I do as a sex coach, and so I busted out sobbing getting in touch with all the sadness that my "little Nicole" has over this... and then I brought in my adult self "Nicki" to help... and this was very helpful...

Then last night I had a very detailed and real dream and then it turned into a lucid dream, I've had a few lucid dreams before... but not lately, ...  I was trying to find a bathroom in a high school setting, I was not myself, I kept switching between being this young girl, and this young boy, but I was still me, it was like a maze, doors everywhere, unable to find the bathroom, which I needed desperately... then I found one, and at first I was the girl and I met the boy in the bathroom, but I was also me watching from above and I only saw the girl but knew she was with the boy and hugging and kissing him, and then it switched and I was the boy, and I was with the girl.. and I was also me from above watching the boy... couldn't see the girl, but knew the boy was with her.. this was where it turned lucid, and I realized I could be either the girl, the boy, or the watcher, and I kept switching between the different viewpoints just to see how it all felt... and then I started feeling a lot of fear... and then the word "shaman" came into my experience, and then the feeling of "oh, I'm processing fear"... and then I woke up fully... and then I realized that I often have this dream of "not being about to find a bathroom" in all kinds of different scenarios, but usually a school, an airport, a party, or some kind of building that is mazelike...

So I think I'm processing my emotions of sadness and fear a lot lately, which is a good thing, and so fascinating that these are the ways it comes....

Thanks for reading if you got this far!


Nicki, I relate to your experience of "activations" Since beginning this course I'm noticing so much about the emotional body and awareness I had numbed out due previously around family and work dynamics as well. It is intense at times and impacts the dream world. I'm with you on this & thank you for sharing your experience.


 Charlie Maginness and Sarah Patrice Lemmerman - thanks so much for an awesome training series! For much of my life I have felt like I didn’t fit, and that there must be something wrong with me, because I experience the world differently than most others. The last 2 sessions were especially resonant for me, and for the first time I feel seen and understood. The last several months have been challenging, but now I am moving into 2022 feeling inspired and energized. Most of those challenges have been connected to my buisness. I’ve signed up for the business training that starts next month. I am so excited to learn more. Thanks again!


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Success Testimonials

 Thank you for the incredible information over the last month; I'm grateful that I was able to participate in the Success training. In just 4 weeks, I raised my rates and closed an additional $7500 in new business. Aside from the financial manifestations, I also shifted into greater alignment with regard to making overall business decisions and I can already see the momentum building in a transformational way - for myself and my clients. You and Sarah are gifts - I cannot thank you enough!

BRYN BROWN - Business Mentor 

 I had Ultimate Projector Training, 2/4 Training and now business training. I'm very grateful to learn from Charlie. He has been a great guiding light. Adding Sarah makes it a special deal not to be missed. Then being with many Projectors in this group is quite a conscious step up in our vibrations! What a flow of grace. Very peaceful, loving and serene environment. Thank you!


​​Hi Charlie, it's been a hot minute since I shared a personal success story with you - feeling closer than ever to my essence and soul mission. And this is only the beginning I mean, after all, we are still in week 1!

This invitation was probably the most powerful I've ever gotten from you. I full-heartedly trust both of your teachings & wisdom, so it was a no brainer to sign up.


Hi Charlie and Sarah,

I hope you both are doing well! 

I just wanted to share a big success with you, which I believe happened because of your teachings. 

For months, I’ve been invited to meetings and discussions regarding problems with my daughter’s school. I felt that I should attend and each time believed I would be able to contribute, but there wasn’t an opportunity. Instead I found myself just learning more about the school and problems. I heard your voices in my head and trusted myself. 

Over the last two weeks, things have gotten intense and the meetings became large and dominated by angry people. This group even picked the loudest most irrational voice to represent them. I knew my opinion wouldn’t be appreciated and wasn’t welcome. I was silent but worried I was supposed to do something. I saw your post on social media about the value of just being present, it’s okay to be silent. Perfect timing. I just kept trusting myself - it’s okay to just be present. 

Fast forward to two days ago, at the school board meeting, they voted to close the school effective today after the angry voices made things worse. I already knew this would happen and was emotionally ready to help fix it. Parents and teachers were shocked, sobbing and devastated. Our school is the only Waldorf school in Tahoe and on 40 acres of forest land where the kids learn in nature. There were no comparable alternatives and they wouldn’t even be allowed on site after today. 

Yesterday morning, I was asked to attend an emergency meeting to find a way to keep the kids there for the rest of the school year. The school reps were very hostile and said nobody could use the site until their lease expired in June. Seeing the big picture, I created a proposal that was mutually beneficial for everyone including the school, and allowed the kids to return to the campus on Monday. 

Today, both sides signed the contracts I drafted. The school even decided to donate all their equipment to us and everyone is now being so kind to each other. 

I also advised them how to use an existing entity to immediately hire the teachers and run a temp school to get us through the end of the school year. 

My daughter won’t even know her school was shut down and I’ve received the most amazing recognition from this. 

I don’t think it could have happened this way had I not attended the last two live trainings, had a session with Sarah and followed your teachings. I really mean that. Thank you so much for your life changing guidance. 

Much love and gratitude for you both!! 


 After taking this course, I have practical tools to help me navigate the everyday rollercoaster of challenges with confidence and ease. I'm more aware of the benefits of prioritizing my self care over everything else and how that expands my capacity to be my highest self for everyone around me. After just a few weeks, I can already sense a shift in my state of being and I'm excited to see where this takes me!


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